The Great Eggscape is the twenty-second episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2 and the seventy-fourth overall.

Toons.TV Description

King Pig finally gets an honest to gonest egg within chomping range when Red shows up and threatens to shatter his omelette-eating dreams. Time to skedaddle!


The Minion Pigs bring an egg to King Pig, but others are being attacked outside. King Pig uses a phone to call in an army of Minion Pigs. An Agent Pig then comes in and orders one of the Minion Pigs to look through the wall. But Red crashes through the wall, but Agent Pig uses traps to cut him off. The traps include crocodile pigs and a boulder. After Red survives these traps, King Pig and Agent Pig turn around the throne, fall into a pipe, and make it to a secret room. However, Red still survives. Agent Pig uses a metal wall to block Red, but he makes it through that, too. But, King Pig and Agent Pig escape the castle and end up in a cactus patch. Red comes to threaten them yet again. Agent Pig and King Pig are able to lock themselves up in a secret lair, though. Red can see what appears to be King Pig licking the egg. Red had the egg with him when it was lost in the cactus field, which means that King Pig had licked Agent Pig's rear end. King Pig tries to show his sad eyes to lure Red into giving him the egg back, but Red resists, turns away and leaves with the egg. King Pig and Agent Pig end up locked in the lair, and fly into space. At the end of the credits, Agent Pig can be heard saying, "Yeah."



  • The title is a pun on the reality TV Show, "The Great Escape".
  • This is the third episode to have no sneak peek. but the sneak peek uploads on April 22, 2015.
  • King Pig's escape route behind his throne is very similar to the method King Dedede uses to maneuver around his castle in the Kirby anime.
  • Throughout the episode, Agent Pig says either "Ow" or "Yeah"
  • English:
  • "Click":
    • When Agent Pig first presses a switch that flips King Pig's throne, he says, "Click"
    • When Agent Pig hits the button to deploy the dome, he says, "Click"
    • When Agent Pig enters the code to shut the dome, he says, "Click" when he hits the last button.
  • "Ow":
    • When Agent Pig flips King Pig's throne, he is on the side and gets stuck, saying, "Ow"
    • When King Pig tries to escape the dome after Red walks away, one of the codes he puts in zaps both of them, and Agent Pig says, "Ow"
  • "Yeah":
    • When Agent Pig flips a switch ejecting him and King Pig from the castle, just before ejection, Agent Pig says, "Yeah"
    • When King Pig realizes that Red has the egg and that he was licking Agent Pig's rear end, just before King Pig tosses Agent Pig away, Agent Pig says, "Yeah"
    • At the beginning and end of the credits, Agent Pig can be heard saying, "Yeah."
  • Red does a "ground pound" on the scene where the crocodiles jump. A reference from Super Mario.
  • When King Pig calls the army of pigs, he can be heard saying “Geek, Geek!”



  • After Red revealed the eggs, the buttons inside the secret dome changes positions.
  • Agent Pig's earpiece changes sides constantly.

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