The Hole
The Hole
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Episode number 5
Air Date May 9, 2014
Written by Chris Sadler
Directed by Chris Sadler
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The Hole is the fifth episode of Piggy Tales.

Toons.TV Description

Where’s that breeze coming from? When two piggies come across a mysterious hole in the ground, they throw caution to the wind.


A piggy is chilling at the wind that came from the hole. Then another piggy walked by and saw him. Then the other pig went to the hole and was wondering what the other one is doing, but he's eventually join him.

The first pig made a face at the wind. So the other imitated the first one then cooled normally again. The other one went away and running to the hole making him float. So the first one imitated the other one too.

They have fun floating at the hole until the wind that came from the hole stopped, making the two fall. After they reach the bottom, the two were goofing around at their echoes, like coocoo and oY oy oy and one of the piggies farted inside the hole. Suddenly, those two pigs sing louder and louder make the hole shaked and make the piggies panicked & launched them off the hole.

After they landed back to the outside, The two were scared and went away at the camera's sight while the hole started the wind normally again.


  • Minion Pig 
  • Hole (Exclusive Appearance)



Piggy Tales "The Hole"

Piggy Tales "The Hole"

Oh! That was fun! Can I try?


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