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The Mighty League is a mode for Angry Birds. It is a social way to play classic levels.

The music soundtrack features the Original Angry Birds Theme in a Remix of Darude - Sandstorm, which the song itself was an internet meme.


Players must play every level and get a determined number of stars (Mostly recommended get 3 stars on every daily levels) on each league where they are currently into progress with the higher league. However, there is a time limit on each league otherwise. If the players fail to complete, they will be demoted into the previous league.

Each level objective requires the player to complete within the time limit and earn at least the stated score to pass the level. There will be a time bonus if completed earlier.

Each level formerly cost 1 ticket to attempt,before the tickets were removed.

The Mighty League has A LOT of exclusive stages, all of them are shown in this video: Yes they appear nowdays so the video (aside from modding and hacking for the stages to show as a regular episode) is legit.


  • Feather League: Warm-up League
  • Glass League: Starter League. (Unlimited time)
  • Wood League: Require 3 stars to enter the league and 1 star to stay in league.
  • Stone League:
  • Bronze League:
  • Sliver League:
  • Gold League:Requires 150 stars to keep on the league.
  • Master League:The hardest league on game,the player can get into the top scores,which medals are earned.

Sticker Book

Sticker Book is an achievements page. You can get the stickers by completing each achievement in Mighty League. After getting stickers, players will receive prize eggs, which include prizes such as entry tickets and power-ups that can be used in the game.


Trophy Stickers

  • Glass Trophy:Reach the Glass League
  • Wooden Trophy:Reach the Wooden League
  • Stone Trophy:Reach the Stone League
  • Silver Trophy: Reach the Silver League
  • Golden Trophy: Reach the Golden League
  • Master League Trophy: Reach the Master  League
  • Star Master League Trophy: Reach the on Top 5 list in The Master League.
  • Mighty Eagle Master League Trophy: Reach the the first place on the list of The Master League.

Achievement Stickers

  • Darude Red : Just enter the Mighty League
  • Give Up Of Fury Angry Bomb : Quit a level of The Mighty League
  • Super Star : Complete a determined number of levels in The Mighty League
  • Powerful: Use a determined number of power-ups in The Mighty League
  • Eagle Eye: Keep the Mighty Scope active for a determined time
  • Shockwave Hunter Jay, Jake and Jim : Obtain all the Shockwaves on Bird Island .
  • Movie Fanatic Chuck : Complete all the 21 levels of Bird Island .
  • Good Aim Red : Launch a determined number of birds on The Mighty League.
  • Movie Fan: Play the Bird Island episode.
  • Little Destroyer Pig Sticker: Pop a determined number of pigs.
  • Collector Matilda : Collect 20 stickers.
  • 7 Years Old Red : Complete 7 levels on Birdday Party 7.
  • Social Bird Bubbles : Connect with Facebook on The Mighty League
  • Star Streak Red : Get 3 stars on all levels on The Mighty League in a determined number of times.
  • Birdday Party 7: Enter the Mighty Eagle on the 7th Birdday Party and listen to the Birdday music.

AB Stickerbook 1.jpg AB Stickerbook 2.jpg

Profile Customization

The players, connected with Facebook or not, can customize their Leaderboard Buttons (Profile Information) with colours, patterns, stickers, etc. They can be obtained with Prize Eggs. They are the following:



  1. Green
  2. Blue
  3. Yellow
  4. Light Blue
  5. Dark Gray
  6. Light Green
  7. Pastel Red
  8. Orange 
  9. Purple
  10. Lime Green
  11. Light Orange
  12. Swamp Green
  13. Hot Purple
  14. Reddish Brown
  15. Dark Green
  16. Teal
  17. Red
  • Top Shading with all these colours each;
  • Bottom Shading with all these colours each;
  • Striped Pattern with all these colours each and
  • Wavy Shading with all these colours each.


  • Checkerboard Pattern with all these colours each;
  • Morse Code Pattern with all these colours each and
  • Line Pattern with all these colours each.



  1. Heart Pattern
  2. Paw Pattern
  3. Lightning Ray Pattern
  4. Flower Pattern
  5. Connection Pattern
  6. Dice Pattern
  7. Present Pattern
  8. Down and Up Pizza Slice Pattern
  9. Scaly Pattern
  10. Royal Patterm
  11. Street Cone Pattern
  12. Easter Egg Pattern
  13. Pin Pattern
  14. TNT Crates Pattern
  15. Wrench Pattern
  16. Lit Candle Pattern
  17. Ribbon Pattern


  1. Animated Lifting Stars Pattern
  2. Animated Moving Clouds Pattern
  3. Animated Appearing and Disappearing Stars Pattern
  4. Animated Falling Snowflakes Pattern
  5. Animated Arrows Flying To The Air Pattern
  6. Animated Falling Rain Pattern
  7. Animated Lifting Pattern
  8. Animated Falling Eggs Pattern
  9. Animated Falling Feathers Pattern
  10. Animated Falling Showels Pattern
  11. Animated Appearing and Disappearing Snouts Pattern
  12. Animated Moving Televisions Pattern



  1. ''Aim High'' Sticker
  2. Angel Jay Sticker
  3. Pig Challenger Sticker
  4. ''Air Attack'' Sticker
  5. ''Fly Guy'' Bomb Badge Sticker
  6. ''Aim High'' Chuck Badge Sticker
  7. ''Top Hog'' Pig Badge Sticker
  8. ''Code Red'' Red Badge Sticker
  9. Baseball Jake Sticker
  10. Bat Sticker
  11. Jay, Jake and Jim Star Badge Sticker
  12. Skateboard Jim Sticker
  13. Pixel Bomb Sticker
  14. ''BOOM!'' Bomb Explosion Sticker
  15. Blue Pig Mask Sticker
  16. ''Bird is the word''Chuck Sticker
  17. Four Leaf Clover Sticker
  18. Pop Art Happy Chuck Sticker
  19. Pop Art Rapping King Pig Sticker
  20. Pop Art Smiling Pig Sticker
  21. Crown Sticker
  22. Devil Jay Sticker
  23. Vampire Red Sticker
  24. Mighty Eagle Sticker
  25. Chinese Fan Sticker
  26. ''Like A Flash'' Sticker
  27. ''Flashy'' Sticker
  28. Hot Pink Flower Sticker
  29. Football Chuck Sticker
  30. Ghost Sticker
  31. Happy Movie Jay Sticker
  32. Heart-Shaped Chocolate Box Sticker
  33. ''Packin' Heat'' Sticker
  34. Golden King Pig Astec Calendar Sticker
  35. ''KO!'' Sticker
  36. ''Oink'' Sticker
  37. Pig Skull Sticker
  38. Pirate Foreman Pig Sticker
  39. ''Pigs'' Sticker
  40. ''Like A Flash'' Sticker
  41. ''Cute'' with Rainbow Sticker
  42. Hambo Sticker
  43. Rocker Red Sticker
  44. King Red Sticker
  45. Bird is the word Red Sticker
  46. ''Time To Ride Red Ski Badge Sticker
  47. ''Royal'' Sticker
  48. Samurai Pig Sticker
  49. Rocker Stella Sticker
  50. SkiRed Sticker
  51. Small Slingshot Sticker
  52. ''AB'' Slingshot Badge Sticker
  53. Snail Pig Sticker
  54. ''SQUAWK!''
  55. Golden Red Star Badge Sticker
  56. Ski Stella Sticker
  57. ''Take FLIGHT!'' Sticker
  58. Tiki Pig Sticker
  59. Zombie Pig Sticker




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