The Mighty League is a brand new mode for Angry Birds (Classic). It is a social way to play classic levels.

The music soundtrack features the Original Angry Birds Theme in a Remix of Darude - Sandstorm.


Players must play every level on each league where they are currently into progress with the higher league. However, there is a time limit on each league otherwise. If the players fail to complete, they will be demoted into the previous league.

Each level objective requires the player to complete within the time limit and earn at least the stated score to pass the level. There will be a time bonus if completed earlier.

Each level costs 1 ticket to attempt.


  • Feather League:Warm-up League
  • Glass League: Starter League. (Unlimited time)
  • Wood League: Require 3 stars to enter the league and 1 star to stay in league.
  • Stone League:
  • Bronze League:
  • Sliver League:
  • Gold League:
  • Master League:

Angry Birds Mighty League 1

Sticker Book

Sticker Book is an achievements page. You can get the stickers by completing each achievement in Mighty League. After getting stickers, players will receive prize eggs, which include prizes such as entry tickets and power-ups that can be used in the game.

AB Stickerbook 1 AB Stickerbook 2