The Miracle of Life is the eighth episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2 and the sixtieth overall.

This episode was aired on December 7, 2014.

Toons.TV Description

The pigs kidnap Red and Chuck and force them to make an egg. -Wait, what? They really can't be that dumb can they? Don't answer that…


The story starts with Red arranging a bush. Then Chuck appeared by crashing on a tree which caused a pile of leaves to fall on Red. Obviously Red was not happy with Chuck for what he did. While Chuck tried to look innocent, Red suddenly heard a noise. Chuck noticed Red's expression and investigated the noise with Red. A shadow appeared over the birds and when they turned around, they were shocked and taken away to the pigs' lair unconscious.

When the birds woke up, they saw Foreman Pig looking at them. Both of them were scared and Foreman Pig ordered two Minion Pigs to give them a cabbage. Naturally, the birds got confused as they assumed Foreman Pig would have harmed them. Foreman Pig then cooed them to be together while the minion pigs sniggered behind Foreman Pig. Red and Chuck looked at the cabbage and got confused as to what they were told to do. So Foreman pig had to show a stop motion video of what he wanted Red and Chuck to do: Make an egg so that the pigs could eat it later. Red and Chuck were opposed to this with Chuck blushing. The pig trio then left the room so that Red and Chuck could make an egg under their privacy. Then some romantic smooth jazz music began playing to simulate the egg-making process. Since both of them rather escape, Chuck tried to squeeze his way out of the cage's narrow while Red formulated a plan. Then he saw a fake egg and suddenly knew how to escape. He pushed the cage in order to grab that egg. Meanwhile, the pigs in a Simpsons-themed waiting room, outside thought that Chuck and Red were making an egg. Eventually, Red got the egg and after some banging on the cage, and broke it. The pigs checked to see how it was going. Red, who was exhausted from the attempt to get the egg, realized that the pigs were there and told Chuck about his plan. Then he went romantic with Chuck blushing again. Then he showed the egg to the pigs, where Chuck screamed in shock and then placed it in the cabbage, which was the nest. The pigs were happy to see their plan worked and Foreman Pig allowed them to leave. Then Red decided it was time for payback. While Chuck left with the fake egg, Red threw their captors in the cage after beating them up. The story ended with one of the Minion Pigs offering Foreman Pig the cabbage where Foreman Pig blushed. In the credits, Foreman Pig could be heard kissing (or cooing) the cabbage.




  • After Red and Chuck are offscreen, they have their original feathers.


  • The waiting room the pigs are in resembles the living room in The Simpsons.
  • The short film the birds watched was a spoof of British paper-animated TV shows from the 70s and 80s.
  • The episode contains multiple inappropriate references to the concept of reproduction. It is one of the most controversial episodes of the show. However, the characters never speak or actually make clear speech due to being non-verbal since they are birds and pigs, Rovio is legally obligated to do so.
    • This episode is another proof that the pigs are clueless cause they didn't know how to differ male and female and throught Red and Chuck could reproduce and make eggs.
  • The episode's name may probably be based on the title of the Monty Python film Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.

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