The Porkchop Express[1] is a large ship used by the Pigs to travel across the sea en masse in The Angry Birds Movie.


Constructed out of wood, stone, and metal, The Porkchop Express is the large flagship of the Pigs, it is also used as a pirate ship.[2] The ship is primarily powered by a motorized water-wheel engine, with a single sail. The boat boasts an elegant, high bow while having a low stern and a crooked mast with multiple platforms to stand on.

The ship itself is very spacious, with multiple decks and can hold thousands of pigs, as well as various cargo, including TNT, trampolines and ground vehicles. Also being equipped with a radio system aptly called "ham radio", enabling communication between portions of the ship, or with nearby communication equipment. Fishbowls are also found on the Porkchop Express which the pigs use it to get water, despite the fact of them having a living fish inside them.

The Express also uses a large boulder to anchor herself upon reaching a desired destination. Once the ship is anchored, pigs can luxuriously disembark it via a conveyor belt gangway, controlled via a wired remote. The belt, however, is sometimes notoriously known to malfunction. It also has a block (pulley) that can be used to haul up cargo aboard her.[3]


The Express was first seen traveling to Bird Island, where the ship anchored right in front of Red's house, damaging it. This was also the moment when he began to question the Pigs' true intentions, as the Pigs first disembark to introduce themselves to the Birds as friendly visitors.

Nights later, during the welcome celebrations, Leonard offers Red the opportunity to use the Slingshot, and he happened to aim him right onto the beach where the Express was moored. Realizing that the ship appeared unguarded, Red decided to investigate her, inviting Chuck and Bomb to come along with him. The three made interesting discoveries aboard it, including, among other things, a copy of the book Fifty Shades of Green, a room full of trampolines, and cowboy costumes. After searching inside it, Red is more affirmative that the pigs are up to something and eventually resolves to seek Mighty Eagle to confront them.

After a long journey to his cave, Red and his friends discover that Mighty Eagle is too lazy to help the Birds and return to the village. By the time they come back, they find their village under attack as the Pigs were stealing all the Birds' eggs. Red and his friends race to try and thwart the raid, but they are too late as the Pigs fend them off and race back aboard the Express, sailing away to make a meal out of the Eggs they captured.[3]

There are a bunch of Porkchop Expresses that failed to set sail and are now ruins that rest in the South Beach of Piggy Island.


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