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The Prankster is the ninth episode of Angry Birds Stella Animated Series.

Toons.TV Description[]

Poppy is on a prank rampage leaving Stella and the flock on edge. To get even, the flock devises the ultimate prank on Poppy, but can they truly outprank the prankmaster?

Characters (in order of appearance)[]


Poppy exits Dahlia's lab giggling and hides behind the back of the lab. Dahlia wakes up, and finds that everything is upside down. She then hears Poppy, who giggles. Dahlia tries to get up, but she ends up falling from the roof due to her bed being stuck to the wall, Poppy then reveals that she super glued the lab.

The other birds, curious, take a look inside. Then, a book falls onto Dahlia's head, and it's the side that's super glued, thus making her the laughing stock of Poppy and the other birds. As the other birds bounce away, Poppy, observing the fun she has made in one prank, decides to prank the other birds.

As Luca plays with his toys, Poppy, watches him from a distance, then pulls a rope, that has a has a mallet attached to it. The mallet bangs a nearby gong, alerting Luca. Luca sees a cherry (which Poppy placed down) on a leaf. Luca, attracted by the cherry, jumps onto the leaf, this results in the cherry bouncing away, and the leaf is revealed to be covering a hole in the floor, causing Luca to fall.

Willow, who is painting, hears the scream of Luca and decides to see what's happening. She finds Luca sliding through the tree branches, confusing her. Poppy sneaks behind her and bangs to trash can lids together. This surprises Willow, who jumps into the air, before bouncing off a bongo, causing her to fall as well. Willow slides off of paint and Luca continues sliding off of the tree branches.

Meanwhile, Dahlia, angered by the super glue prank, sees Willow and Luca falling from the tree branches. Willow lands on a portrait, and looks down to see herself as artwork, embarrassing her. Luca, who has landed in a bucket of flowers, gets covered in them. As he jumps out, Poppy appears and laughs at the birds, making them mad. A confused Stella approaches Poppy (as she overheared Willow and Luca's screaming).

Poppy points to the pranked birds. Stella ends up laughing, but the other birds point out that Poppy is going to prank her. Scared, Stella runs away, while Poppy makes a witch like giggle. Stella, at her house, scared, hears knocking at her door. When she opens it, she finds Poppy, who is smiling manically.

Poppy assures Stella that she has no prank for her, and reveals that she has gotten water for her. Stella inspects the water, before drinking it. Due to Poppy putting something into the water, or Stella seeing it to good, the latter is attracted to the taste. It's revealed that she has forgotten her lesson as Poppy sneaks away. Stella looks up and sees a pack of red feathers in the air covered in a net. She screams as Poppy releases the feathers, causing them to fall on Stella, covering her in red feathers.

Stella bounces off the edge of the platform that she is standing on and falls. Poppy takes her picture as she yells. Stella lands near the other pranked, gloomy birds. As she regains her senses, she finds the picture that Poppy took of her and gasp. As she becomes the laughing stock of the other pranked birds, Poppy appears and laughs, before walking off. As she does this, Stella and the other birds begin making plans on pranking Poppy.

As they set up a simple water bucket prank, Poppy, taking a stroll, sees down bellow of them and their work. Poppy is confused at first, before realizing that the other birds are trying to prank her. She giggles and walks away, revealing she has more plans for the other birds.

As Stella and the other birds finish their water bucket prank for Poppy, Stella rings a gong. Poppy, who has finished her prank, pretends to be surprised by two maracas. Poppy then gets under the other birds prank (it really isn't a prank anymore since Poppy already knows and prepares a prank for them) and gets splashed. As the other birds laugh, Poppy fake cries, making them feel bad for their decision to get even.

Poppy points to some pineapple slices and tells the other birds that she wants them. They agree and head over to grab the slices, however, when Stella bounces on a trap, 4 catapults emerge and fling cream onto the Stella and the other birds. Poppy begins laughing and rolls on the floor, but the other birds, clearly angered at this point, begin to slowly approach her.

As they reach her, they fling her. Poppy ends up getting fling into the feathers, super glue, flowers, and paint she used to prank the other birds before getting stuck on a tree branch, thus making her the laughing stock now. Suddenly, it's revealed that Poppy hasn't learn her lesson yet, as she observes herself and the other laughing birds, she laughs to. This annoys the other birds, want her to be upset rather than laughing. As the credits roll, Poppy continues laughing.



  • It is the third episode in a row to not have Gale and the pigs in it. First was Rock On! and second was Own The Sky.
  • This is the first time that Willow took off her hat and on the top of her head has 10 colorful crest feathers including, blue, aquagreen, yellow, orange and purple.
  • The scene in which Poppy makes the joke to Stella of the red feathers and she falls from the tree house is a reference of Chuck Time from Angry Birds Toons.
Side by Side

References to the said above episode.

  • This is the first time a bird's color was temporarily changed without being a bird 's ability or mocking. This episode had Stella which was pranked by Poppy with red feathers. The second was Jay, Jake, and Jim in Robo-Tilda which Jay was sun burned.
  • The Prankster in the title card is written with glue and there are blue and pink feathers.
  • Despite being covered in red feathers, Stella doesn't have a similar appearance to Red, which might be because the tips of her tail feathers are round while Red's tail feathers are flat-ended.


  • When Poppy is in the trap before the water bucket falls down, the maracas are there, but when the bucket of water is poured over her, the maracas are gone.


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