The Prankster is the ninth episode of Angry Birds Stella Animated Series.

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Poppy is on a prank rampage leaving Stella and the flock on edge. To get even, the flock devises the ultimate prank on Poppy, but can they truly outprank the prankmaster?

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Dahlia wakes up and finds that everything is hanging upside-down. When she tries to get up, she discovers that she is super-glued to the ceiling, along with everything else in the lab. Then Poppy reveals the super-glue, and everyone thinks it is funny. Then, Poppy places a leaf over a hole in the floor. She places a cherry on top of the leaf. Luca notices the cherry and falls through the hole. Willow notices him, and tries to help. But Poppy makes a loud noise, causing Willow to fall off the edge of the floor. Luca and Willow fall through a series of paintbrushes, flowers, and trampolines, before crash-landing. Poppy and Stella both start laughing, but then Stella runs away. Poppy goes to Stella's house and brings her a glass of water. Stella is skeptical, but drinks it anyway. Stella is then covered in red feathers, and Poppy pushes her off the floor. Stella falls, screaming, and Poppy takes a picture of her. TO BE CONTINUED



  • It is the second episode in a row to not have Gale and the pigs in it. First was Rock On! and second was Own The Sky.
  • This is the first time that Willow took off her hat.
  • The scene in which Poppy makes the joke to Stella of the red feathers and she falls from the tree house is a reference of Chuck Time from Angry Birds Toons.
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  • When Poppy is in the trap before the water bucket falls down, the maracas are there, but when the bucket of water is poured over her, the maracas are gone.

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