The Road to El Porkado
Theroadofelporkador select
Episode number 6
Levels 36 (normal levels + 9 (bonus levels)
New features Spot light, lamp, golden pig statue, adventure hat on Ross
Released August 20, 2015
Game(s) Bad Piggies Icon
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Tusk 'til Dawn N/A

The Road to El Porkado is the sixth episode of Bad Piggies. This episode is adventure-themed.

In this episode, Ross is set on a quest to find a golden statue. This is the first episode to use detachers.

There is a secret hidden Pineapple in Level 12. Tap it 3 times to retrieve it as a custom part.


After King Pig discovers his vase is missing, he hires Ross to find a new one.

While trying to find a new one, he finds a map that leads to the land of El Porkado. He hunts for it, following the road, and being brave. He eventually finds a door, enters the door, and enters into a room of treasure. He then finds a golden statue - he had found El Porkado. He brings it home, much to King Pig's delight.

New Items

Adventurer Hat

Just a costume for Ross.


It helps you in caves. It can help reveal your location or find star boxes.

Spot Light/Accent Lamp

Expands your light.

Golden Pig

Ross finds this statue. It's like King Pig but can destroy stone blocks.


In the first set of levels, Ross is going to El Porkado, level 1 to 4 he's on a beach. 5 to 8 he's in a dark cave. 9 to 12 he's in the mountains (you can see the entrance of El Porkado in level 12). In the second set, Ross is in El Porkado. In the third, he's going back home.


  • The episode is based on the legendary city of gold, El Dorado, also known as Manoa.
  • In the dark cave levels, if you use the Night Vision Goggles Power-up, you can see the Bat Pigs that give you the Star Boxes.



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