Template:Infobox episode 2The Road to El Porkado is the sixth episode of Bad Piggies.

In this episode, Ross is set on a quest to find a golden statue.


After King Pig discovers his vase is missing, he hires Ross to find a new one.

While trying to find a new one, he finds a map that leads to the land of El Porkado. He hunts for it, following the road, and being brave. He eventually finds a door, enters the door, and enters into a room of treasure. He then finds a golden statue - he had found El Porkado. He brings it home, much to King Pig's delight.

New Items

Adventurer Hat

Just a costume for Ross.


It helps you in caves. It can help reveal your location or find star boxes.

Spot Light/Accent Lamp

Expands your light.

Golden Pig

Ross finds this statue. It's like King Pig.


  • This episode is adventure-themed.
  • This is the first episode to use detachers.
  • The episode is based on the legendary city of gold, El Dorado - aka Manoa.
  • In the first set of levels, Ross is going to El Porkado, level 1 to 4 he's on a beach. 5 to 8 he's in a dark cave. 9 to 12 he's in the mountains (you can see the entrance of El Porkado in level 12). In the second set, Ross is in El Porkado. In the third, he's going back home.
  • There is a secret hidden Pineapple in Level 12. Tap it 3 times to retrieve it as a custom part.
  • Recently, in some of the later levels, especially level 18 and 23, the gates required to complete the level often fail to open properly due to a glitch, making them impossible to beat. In Level 23, this could be circumvented by having Ross build a catapult with the plunger shooting him to the finish line.
    • Rovio has already fixed this glitch, but there are now problems with the animations that are not in the levels. 
  • In the dark cave levels, if you use the Night Vision Goggles Power-up, you can see the Bat Pigs that give you the Star Boxes.



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