The Runaway

Episode No. 5
Air Date November 29, 2014
Directed by Meruan Salim
Written by Amy Mass
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Toons.TV Description

Luca hates baths and those meanie-heads are trying to trick him into taking one. He'll show them...



The episode begins with Luca playing in a small puddle of mud, but this was short-lived when he was approached by Stella and the rest of his friends, possessing a sponge, and two different cleaning brushes. Stella was the one who was most annoyed.

Luca becomes nervous, and his friends moved aside to reveal a bath has been prepared for him. In response to this, Luca screamed in fear and became angry, turning his back on his friends. Stella then became angry with Luca, but Dahlia had a solution: she pulled out a tool that contained whisks. She used those whisks to rapidly stir up the water, revealing that a bubble bath solution has been added.

Luca was unimpressed with this, causing Stella to growl at him. However, Poppy stepped in and took one of Luca's toys and put it in the bath, much to Luca's chagrin. Luca gave Stella a scowl, causing her to growl and scared off Luca. He jumped down from the tree onto a tree root, and that was when his friends got an idea.

Suddenly, a cherry was dropped from the tree and Luca spotted it, eating it immediately. He then climbed back up the tree and followed the trail of cherries. His last cherry was beside Stella, and little did Luca know that the leaf he was standing on was reminiscent of that of a diving board. However, instead of the leaf becoming unstable, Stella gave Luca a hard push into the bath. Luca has lost this fight. Luca's friends dove into his bath to scrub him clean, whilst Luca was annoyed and surrounded by bubbles. The scene later transitioned to Luca in his bed while everyone else deciding to hit the hay for the night.

Luca decided to sneak out of the tree home and replaced himself with pineapple to fool his friends into thinking he was the one in bed, before running away. To make sure his cover was not blown, Luca also bounced on the side of a hanging toy to make the sound of snoring, to make the decoy fool-proof. For extra security on his plan, he also placed the toy at the pineapple's side before running away.

Luca ran through shrubbery but stopped when he heard pigs. Following the sound, he found several Minion Pigs playing in a mud pool (and passing gas in it). Luca becomes interested and jumped into the mud to join them. For a moment, two pigs and Luca hang out and had a good time, and Luca beat the pigs at their game of flatulence, going as far as to temporarily imprison one of the pigs in a massive flatulent bubble. The pigs and Luca then heard a bell where they followed the rest of the pigs out of the mud puddle. Luca then decided to tag along. After a bit of discussion, the pigs decided that Luca can come with them.

Back at Luca's tree home, his friends have come to check on him. Luca's plan has been revealed to have worked when Willow cooed at the sleeping "Luca", but then Poppy quickly shushes her, then Stella shushes Poppy. Believing it was truly Luca, his friends walk away and head back to bed.

The scene transitioned to Gale's castle, where the pigs and Luca could be seen entering said architecture with Gale and Handsome Pig waiting for them. Luca looked at the inside of the castle with awe, and Gale became surprised to see her friend. Luca then noticed Gale and quickly hugged her, in which Gale returned the hug. When Handsome Pig approached, Gale commanded that they build Luca a second throne, a token of acceptance and revealing that since Luca was a child and did not understand what was going on, Gale still loved him, and besides, he has not done anything wrong to her so far.

Luca sat in his newly built throne and his stomach growled. Gale notices this and ordered her minions to bring him an assortment of food. Whilst Luca ate his meal, Gale sat on a pillow in front of a mirror to admire herself. Seeing this, Luca took a crown-like cupcake and puts it on his head and mocked her poses whilst she was still in the mirror, admiring herself.

The minion pigs took notice of Luca's antics and laughed at his mimicking of the Bad Princess, and when Gale reprimanded them, Luca continued to mimic her. The pigs eventually ran away to find that Gale was furious, and then she noticed that they were really laughing at Luca for mimicking her. Gale surprised that Luca would do such thing, got angry (in the process, completely forgets that he was just a child), causing Luca to drop his cupcake. Gale approached him, but slipped on said food and fell on her face. Luca then escaped her wrath and followed the pigs down a narrow corridor, revealed to be a bathhouse.

Luca became scared of this sight and ran into a dense forest, ending up lost. Luca swallowed his fear and walked through the forest, with creatures in close pursuit. Luca felt watched and each time he turned around, the aforementioned creatures disappear, and when Luca encountered a strong, cold wind, he took shelter between two large tree roots and found a fruit to use as a pillow. The camera panned up towards a tree branch, to see the same creatures pushing a leaf from a height where it landed on Luca, shielding him from the cold wind.

The next morning, a strong wind caused Luca's decoy to fail, since the swinging toy was pushing too hard and filled the balloon with too much air, causing it to burst and making a loud noise which awoke Stella first. Surprised to hear such a sound in the morning, she and her friends went up to Luca's bed to find that it was a decoy. Luca's friends became worried and looked all over the tree home for him, and found Luca sleeping on the floor, covered up with a huge leaf. The forest creatures looked over him from overhead, apparently, they have brought him back home.

Luca woke up to find that he was back home, and when Stella saw that he was once again covered up in the mud, she scolded him for it. Luca, giving up trying to be muddy, took his toy back from Stella and dove into his bath. It was night time once again, and his friends went to bed.

Luca woke up from his "slumber" and giggled, revealing that he has not given up, and he planned on playing in more mud puddles to his heart's content.



  • This episode solely focused on a couple of aspects of Luca's personality: Childishness and rebelliousness.
  • Stella is shown to be a motherly figure towards Luca, seeing the right to scold him when necessary and being the one mostly trying to force him to take a bath.
  • This is the first episode that Gale is neither seen researching the Golden Egg nor planning her next scheme.
  • This episode debuts Luca's treehouse.
  • The creatures that followed Luca would be later added to Angry Birds POP!
  • It is revealed that the minion pigs share one of Luca's favorite things, Mud.
  • This is the first time that one of Stella's friends and a few pigs do not have anything against each other.

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