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The Truce is the forty-ninth episode of Angry Birds Toons

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Chef Pig wants to make a truce with the birds by offering them with a delicious picnic. The birds are suspicious but soon have a change of heart. However, Chef Pig's intentions might not be completely sincere after all.


Red, Chuck and Bomb are taking guard of the eggs when suddenly Chef Pig appears with a picnic basket. When the birds approach him, Chef Pig quickly waves a white flag to negotiate a truce. To show his peace, he arranges for a picnic for the birds. The birds are at first skeptical, but they immediately change mood and start dining on the food. Chef Pig then whispers to the two Minion Pigs inside the basket to grab the eggs.

As Red notices something is moving behind them, the birds turn their back, only to find out that the basket is standing still. Later, Chef Pig distracts the birds by lighting a pudding. The birds start to eat the pudding. The scene cuts to the pigs in the basket trying to grab the eggs with a net. As soon as the birds turn their back to see what is happening, the pigs go into hiding again, but drop the net in the process. Shocked, the birds start to become furious.

Chef Pig quickly grabs the net and gets a fish, and then start cooking a grilled fish, calming down the birds. Meanwhile, the pigs in the basket try to snap the eggs with a claw. The birds turn their back, and finally notice the basket is already near the eggs.

In his last effort to distract the birds, Chef Pig offers them some cakes. In a wicked manner, he puts some sleeping potion onto the cakes before giving them to the birds. Noticing the birds not falling asleep, the furious Chef Pig eats the cakes until he falls asleep. The birds quickly rush into the basket to notice two minion pigs. Then, the birds look at Chef Pig still asleep. Suddenly, the birds have a plan.

The scene cuts to the boot camp outside Pig City where a bunch of minion Pigs are training with weapons shooting them at fake cutouts of the birds, when the birds appear with a basket. The birds call on Corporal Pig and drop the basket and run away, the basket opens revealing Chef Pig and the minion pigs, now dressed as birds(Chef is dressed like Chuck while the minion are dressed like two of the Blues.) Mistaking them for the real birds, Corporal Pig orders the other pigs to attack them. The minion pigs scream and take cover back in the basket while Chef pig franticly tries to explain to no avail. They attack with all their weapons and cover Chef Pig and the Minion Pigs in a lot of objects, a sheep leaves it and Chef Pig waves a peace flag.


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  • This episode has a relation to these episodes: Pig Plot Potion (tune and Chef Pig’s mustache showing prehensile capabilities), Love is in the Air (catapults), and Hambo (where Hambo makes his appearance in this episode).
  • This is the second appearance of Hambo.
  • This episode is the 18th appearance of Corporal Pig, 40th appearance of the Minion Pigs 6th appearance of Chef Pig, 21st appearance of Red, 17th appearance of Chuck, and 10th appearance of Bomb.
  • This is the first episode written by Marie Beardmore.
  • This is the third time Chef Pig tries to steal the eggs, the second being in Pig Plot Potion, and the first in True Blue.
  • You can hear Chef Pig say "Hey!" at the beginning of the episode.
  • The reason why the sleep potion did not work on the Birds was that Chef Pig probably had tested it on Pigs, which possibly did work, but the potion would not work on birds, or that he did not use enough potion to actually have an effect.
  • When the Pigs pull out their weapons at Chef Pig who is dressed as a bird, you can see Hambo and a Pig holding a potion similar to the potion in Pig Plot Potion.
  • Chef Pig says "No More" after being pelted with random objects at the end.
  • This was #12 on Top 20 Angry Birds Toons Fan Favorites.


  • Red is voiced by Antti LJ Pääkkönen in this episode, where he is normally voiced by Antti Pääkkönen.
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Angry Birds Toons - The Truce - S1 Ep49

Make a truce... With food! The birds won't notice.