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This article is about the episode in Piggy Tales. For the episode in Angry Birds Bubble Trouble, see The Wishing Well (Angry Birds Bubble Trouble).

The Wishing Well is the twenty-ninth episode of Piggy Tales.

Toons.TV Description[]

You know what they say, be careful what you wish for. Unfortunately for the pigs, being careful is just not in their DNA.


Two Minion Pigs go to the wishing well and look at each other as they don't know anything about it. So they go to the other side of the well and one of them jumps to the rear of the well and shouts into the well. But nothing happens. Then an another pig appears with an apple and a bucket. He stops whistling when he sees the two other pigs and then three of them says hello to each other. Then the third pig throws the apple into the well and lift the bucket up. Suddenly, in the sky, a lot of apples fall down to his bucket. Then the third pig says goodbye and goes away. The two Minion Pigs think this is a fun game. So the pig on the well takes out a hammer to throw into the well and laughs along with the other pig. Then, in the sky, a lot of hammers fall down to the ground. The pig that stands next to the well gets scared and tries to avoid the hammers. After a while, the two pigs laugh because the sky has no more hammers. But a hammer suddenly falls into the pig on the well and he starts to fall into the well as the other pig keeps laughing and laughing. Then, he noticed that the other pig disappears. And when he looks at the sky, the whole sky starts to go black with hundreds of pigs falling down to the ground!


  • This episode celebrates 2 Years of Toons.TV.
  • The title card has a unique fade transition where it fades out and then the episode fades in. This was not applied to any of the other episodes.
  • One of Ross’s collision sounds from Bad Piggies is heard at the end credits.


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