Theme 4-15 (Rio)
IMG 0005
Episode Jungle Escape
Level Number 15
Birds Sequence Blu and Jewel x1
Red Bird x1
Blue Bird x1
Yellow Bird x2
White Bird x1
No. of Pigs Nigel
3-star Score 73,000
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Theme 4-14 (Rio) Theme 5-1 (Rio)

Theme 4-15 (Rio) is the final level of Jungle Escape in Angry Birds Rio and is the playable debut of Blu and Jewel. This is also the first boss level in any Angry Birds game, as the player has to defeat Nigel. Simply firing birds at Nigel will most likely result in a miss, causing Nigel to laugh mockingly as he moves slightly to evade the incoming birds. However, Nigel moves in a set path, and the player has to use the features of the level to damage Nigel and eventually defeat him.


Ramming Blu/Jewel into Nigel

  1. Wait for Nigel to become lined up slightly below the slingshot and fire Blu and Jewel in an almost horizontal line.
  2. When Blu and Jewel are in line with Nigel (same value of the y-axis in mathematical terms), tap/click to send Blu/Jewel flying towards him.
  3. Done right, this will cause Blu/Jewel to crash into Nigel, damaging him. Red spots on his body, how fast he flaps and his flight stability indicate the amount of damage to him.
    1. Quite likely this will only result in him getting light/moderate damage.
    2. With luck however, it is possible to get two or three red marks on his body, or outright defeat him (occurs very rarely, and with lots of luck, but only a maximum of two stars can be obtained due to the lack of damage on the objects).
  4. Wait for a moment and watch Nigel fly around unstably. If sufficiently damaged, he will either crash into the explosive hanging from the vine or crash into the ground, possibly defeating him.

Detonating the Explosives/Sending Rocks at him

  1. If he doesn't get defeated, wait for Nigel to fly to the bottom near the rocks and explosives.
  2. Launch the Red Bird at the explosive closest to the sling shot (in terms of horizontal distance, i.e. NOT the one closest to Nigel).
  3. This will detonate the explosives and hopefully send rocks flying at Nigel. He will laugh, but get shut up when the rocks hit him.
  4. It is possible that the rocks can trigger the TNT on the right-most side; in that case, wait until everything stabilises and move on to the next step if Nigel is still flying.

Direct aim at Nigel

  1. Wait for Nigel to fly near the ground, then launch the Blue Bird in a near horizontal line.
  2. Separate the Birds when they are going to impact Nigel, or sooner if Nigel tries to evade them.
  3. If the Blue Birds don't hit, with luck some would bounce on the mushrooms and probably damage Nigel.
  4. At this point, if he's still flying, you can try to aim directly at him with ONE Yellow Bird, but it's quite likely you'll miss. Use this only if all the features have been destroyed.

Cutting the Explosive

  1. When Nigel is at the top of his flight path, launch a Yellow Bird high.
  2. When the Yellow Bird is near the top and will soon fly down (~15° angle), activate the Bird's ability and fly into the vines, cutting the vine holding up the explosive.
  3. The bomb will drop and (done right) hit Nigel, defeating him. Or it will bounce off the mushroom, missing completely or hitting him. In that case, try a direct aim at Nigel with the other Yellow Bird.

Last resort

  1. You must do this right, because the White Bird's egg will defeat Nigel regardless.
  2. Wait for Nigel to get close to the slingshot and launch the White Bird at a 45° angle.
  3. When the bird is over Nigel, drop the egg and you'll defeat Nigel.

Golden Banana Walkthrough

Bring the macaws to bounce off of the mushrooms and let it hit the stamp to get it.trivia.nigel does take damage on leave,vine,mushroom,crate,grass,float,glass,wood,stone,tnt,petrol,balloons and bag.