• Anything else I missed last night (for me) yesterday? I can't seem to access the chat logs. 

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    • Oh, I see it now. Things seem to have gone well. And I agree that the aka names should be removed. Was there anything else you wanted to bring up or is that it?

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    • I want to change birds and pigs template.


      {{Original Birds|Red Bird}}{{Original Birds|Red Bird}}{{Original Birds|Red Bird}}
      {{Pigs|Small Pig}} x3 {{Pigs|Medium Pig}} x2 {{Pigs|Large Pig}} x3


      {{Original Birds|Red Bird|Red Bird|Red Bird}}
      {{Pigs|Small Pig|3|Medium Pig|2|Large Pig|3}}

      However, For Space birds, Star Wars Birds / Pigs, and Star Wars II Birds / Pigs are not changed yet.

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    • A FANDOM user
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