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Three-Ring Circus
Three-Ring Circus TC
Episode number 10
Air Date May 12, 2017
Written by Bernice Vanderlaan
Directed by Thomas Lepeska
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Sticky Feathers Sprung Out

Three-Ring Circus is the tenth episode of Season 1 of Angry Birds Blues.

Toons.TV Description

Ringmaster Jim and his circus troupe perform their most death-defying act for the hatchlings. What could possibly go wrong when a cannon is involved?


The episode starts with Jay hitting a gong with a wooden spoon, Jake then appears on the roof of the Mighty Clubhouse, he jumps at  a See-Saw with Jim, catapulting Jim . He passes by a wooden ring and then falls on a target pillow, the three end the show by saying Tadah, it is then shown that Vincent was the only watching, he is confused, Jay gets worried but then the green bird cheers and the trio gets happy, Jay thanks him.

Then, Will , Arianna and Zoe come in, Jay gets happy and says to his brothers to do something, he then points his wooden spoon to the left, which Jim gets blindfolded on a tree, he then points to Jake on the See-Saw, then on the ring that gets in flames, then to a cannon and then to the target pillow now surrounded by nails and mud, he yells to the audience, which they get excited.

Jay then hits the gong again, which Jim jumps off the tree, Jay watches it until Jake shows in, revealing that he ins't on the See-Saw anymore. Jay pushes Jake to the See-Saw, but he bumps into the Flame Ring holder, which the ring falls and starts to roll in the direction of the hatchlings, Jay sucefully saves the hatchlings of the ring. He puts them into the See-Saw, but Jim falls and launches the hatchlings, Jay runs to save them but they fall into the cannon. Jay, turns the cannon to see if they were safe, and they were, but the ring comes in and sets the Cannon's fuse on fire, he turns the cannon to up and launches the hatchlings.

He gets even more scared and sees the target pillow, he runs to get them, hurting his feet by stepping on the nails but he brings pillow safely, he puts the pillow on the point as the hatchlings were almost hitting the ground, he puts it, but none of the hatchlings fall into the target, which saddens him.

His brothers come in happy, but Jay takes off his hat and goes away  as everything failed, he then hears the hatchlings chearing up, Jake and Jim thank them but  Jay interupts by thanking them.


Coming soon.

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