Three Little Piggies
Episode number 23
Air Date September 18, 2015
Written by Philippe Rolland
Directed by Philippe Rolland
Birds Unknown
Pigs Unknown
Final Exam Board to Pieces

Three Little Piggies is the twenty-third episode of Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work. It was aired on September 18, 2015.

Toons.TV Description

It doesn't really matter what material they use.


A lazy pig makes a house of straw. At the same time, another lazy pig makes a wooden house! A not-so-lazy pig makes a house of bricks. We now see that pigs 1 & 2 have finished their homes and started to party! Then, they heard a wolf's cry and they see in a paper that there is a wolf in the forest, leading the pigs to hide in the straw house. Unfortunately, the straws fall into bits, with the pigs trying hide in the wooden house. In due time, the wooden planks also fall, leading the pigs to panic and go to pig 3 who just finished his house, telling him about the wolf! As they hide in the brick house, the wolf comes as expected, but as it turns out, it was just a cold pig. The cold pig then sneezes and demolishes the house, leaving the 3 pigs in danger as the end credits roll.


Piggy Tales Pigs at Work - "Three Little Piggies"

Piggy Tales Pigs at Work - "Three Little Piggies"

Come on! Let's party!


  • The episode's title "Three Little Piggies" and story line is a reference to a children's story known as "The Three Little Pigs". However the bricks that the wolf that can't remove was not at the episode.

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