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Thunder Chuck is the twelfth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

This episode was aired on June 2, 2013.

Toons.TV Description

Chuck is on guard duty during a heavy storm, but doesn't want Red to find out that he's scared of lightning.


  1. The Eggs
  2. Chuck
  3. Red
  4. Corporal Pig
  5. Minion Pigs


Chuck is guarding the nest during the night while Red was busy. Two Minion Pigs and Corporal Pig were sneaking up behind a cardboard bush, getting closer as Chuck looked away. Then Chuck notices what appeared to be a flash of lightning and afterwards, a sound of thunder. This scares Chuck, who runs and bumps into Red. Red then wonders what happened, which made Chuck go back to his guard duty. After a while, more thunder and lightning occurred, causing Chuck to hide himself with a blanket. Corporal Pig proceeds to look out from behind the fake bush and laughed until Red returned with some grass for the nest. Seeing Chuck underneath the blanket, he wondered why was Chuck doing that. Realizing it would be embarrassing if Red knew the truth about his fear, he claimed that the blanket was to keep the Eggs warm by putting it around them. This made Red more suspicious though thought nothing of it and left again.

In reality, the thunders and lightnings were faked. The pigs were playing a prank on Chuck by using a gong for thunder and a camera for lightning. The pigs continue to scare Chuck, until he finally decided to dig into the ground like a drill. Corporal Pig finished the prank and proceeds to steal the eggs, but the two Minion Pigs were continuing to produce fake thunders and lightnings. Real lightning bolts from the gray clouds appeared. Corporal Pig ignores it, thinking the Minion Pigs were still doing the prank, and proceeds to leave with the eggs, only to get struck by the lightning. This scares the Minion Pigs, and they try to escape, just to be struck multiple times by lightning in the process.

It starts to rain, and Chuck gets out of the hole he dug into. Chuck notices the eggs were missing and sees Corporal Pig holding them. He gets angry and activates his speed mode, dodging the lightning strikes and attacking Corporal Pig. Red returns and sees the Eggs gone and gets angry, he sees Chuck attacking Corporal Pig for the eggs. Chuck returns with the eggs and put the blanket over them before giving Red an umbrella. Red was pleased, but a lightning strikes him while he held the umbrella. At the end, Chuck says "Oops."



  • At 2:08, Chuck's headband is brown. But at 2:10, it is red. Then a second later, it disappears.
  • Before the release of the new Angry Birds Toons channel, the credits were reused from Slingshot 101.


  • The is the last episode to have Corporal Pig's old design until Angry Birds Epic. His new design appearance was already coming to effect, since his helmet remained black (changed from white in the episode Cordon Bleugh!), was struck by lightning and attacked by Chuck. This possibly resulted on the crack on his helmet and forehead in his new design appearance in later episodes.
  • This wouldn't be the final time to use Corporal Pig's old design it would later return in Angry Birds Epic.
  • After this episode was announced to come after Slingshot 101, the order of the upcoming episodes became mixed since FOX8 claimed that this episode was the 16th episode, and that the 12th episode was Run Chuck, Run!.
  • This is the fourth Angry Birds Toons episode to have the title change. The first one was Pig Has Talent to Pig Talent, with the second one being A New Friend to True Blue?, and the third being Taking a Leave to Off Duty.
  • Kim Helminen returns to direct after a 3 episode absence.
  • The theme song from Slingshot 101 appears again.
  • Chuck acts like a spy in the beginning of this episode, with music related to the James Bond theme.
  • In this episode, it has been revealed that Chuck has brontophobia (fear of thunder/lightning).
  • The title may be a reference to the movie Thunderstruck.
  • The font in the title card is similar to the font used in Indiana Jones.


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I'm scared of the thunder... or I'm not!