Tigers are animals on the Angry Birds Series .

Angry Birds Friends Tiger Artwork
General Info
Powers Clawing the pigs.
First Level Appearance: Angry Birds Holiday

Level 1 of the WWF Tiger Tournament.

Gender: Males and females.
Species: Malayan Tiger (Panthera tigris jacksoni)
Locations: On the tournament levels, Animal Watch and The Pig Challenge Tiger Day Level.
Strength: Strong
Size: Large

Angry Birds Friends Tiger Artwork


Tigers are the biggest big cat in real life, they are orange felines with unique black stripes, white beard and front body, long tails with white ends, long ears with black and white parts and white spots above their yellow eyes which have a special night vision that they use at night to hunt.

The tigers that appear on Angry Birds Friends! are the Malayan Tigers (Panthera tigris jacksoni).

Angry Birds Friends!

On Angry Birds Friends! , they appear on the WWF Tiger Day Tournament , where they were captured by the pigs, in which the birds have to save them by breaking their bamboo cages.


They appear on the WWF Tiger Day Tournament as said above, as three on each level, some can appear without cages, while most appear caged, they also appear with bushes behind them

They appear sad on the levels, as they are captured. Their bamboo cages are hard to destroy, Terence  and Bomb can destroy the cages easily, flinging any bird to the tiger, can free him. After freed, the tiger will start to claw any object or pig, defeating them easily, which the tigers jump to the bushes behind them and give 5000 points.

Angry Birds Holiday

On Angry Birds Holiday, the tigers appear on Chuck 's animal watch, interacting with the background, they appear
Angry Birds Holiday Tiger
drinking water and roaring.

Angry Birds Seasons

On Angry Birds Seasons, Tigers appear on the Pig Challenge Tiger Day Level, where they are made out of wood, two tigers appear in love, one is a caged cub, one appears following a fishing rod with a fish and four appear normal.

Another tiger appears as cameo on Moon Festival, on a statue with a rabbit.

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