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Timber Tumble
Timber tumble
Episode number 12
Levels 26
New features Blu's new ability
Released July 15, 2014
Game(s) Abr icon
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Blossom River Hidden Harbor

Timber Tumble is the twelfth episode of Angry Birds Rio and the fourth based on Rio 2. The Hidden Harbor can be accessed from this episode.

New Features

On this episose, it countains various new features such as machine parts, energy, wheels. But the best of them is Blu 's new ability, Call The Flock, which when launched, he will call all the macaws and other birds and they will dive on the air, destroying structures and defeating marmosets if near.


Angry Birds Rio - Timber Tumble Gameplay Trailer

Angry Birds Rio - Timber Tumble Gameplay Trailer

Timber Tumble Trailer

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