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Not to be confused with the evolution bird, Timothy

Timothy (also known as Timothy the Birthday Boy) is a grown hatchling who lives with his parents Eva, Edward, and his little brother,  Dylan, in The Angry Birds Movie.


Timothy is a teal green bird with blue irises, yellow small beak and feet, forelock and a dark tail. He wore a Leaf Hatchday Hat during his hatchday.


In the movie, when Red was dressed up as a clown, Timothy just screamed and cried (only in the trailer, even though the crying scene was cut from the final film.) Red just tried to calm him down by only telling him that he is just a clown until he realizes that he's scared of clowns and he is allergic to his wheat.

He also likes to mimic what his dad does, as seen in the first scene of the movie. He also likes animals and tried to pick up a squirrel that was in his dad's hand before the poor animal was thrown onto the floor.

Game Appearances

Angry Birds Dice

While Timothy didn't appear in the game as a playable character, he was shown to be on one of the card's foil packaging when you unlock the uncommon cards.


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