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Not to be confused with Fat Piglet.

The Tiny Minion Pig is a piglet that first appeared in Piggy Tales' 16th episode, Gloves.


Due to his age (being a piglet), the Tiny Minion Pig is a small pig, smaller than any of them. He has large eyes that have large black pupils which shine, causing a type of cuteness.


Tiny Minion Pig is a very happy pig that is optimistic and loves his toy pony. But he cries in a bunch of moments such as his toy pony breaking or not getting onto a roller coaster due to his size. He also loves his brother, who is larger than him. Despite being a piglet, he is unsurprisingly more intelligent than most fully grown pigs.

Media appearances[]

Piggy Tales[]

In his first appearance Gloves, he is seen watching Minion Pigs playing with pink rubber gloves. He manages to successfully use the gloves as hands, but the Minion Pigs are unamused and continue using the gloves for stupid reasons, much to his un-amusement. In the episode Stuck In?, several Minion Pigs try to lift Excalibur from its stone. Tiny Minion Pig successfully pulls it out with no effort shown. Expecting the pigs to ask for the sword, they were instead focused on the rock itself and run away with it.

Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work[]

In the episode Race Nut, Tiny Minion Pig tries giving a Minion Pig a big rocket for his vehicle to help with the race, but the pig dismisses his help and treats him like a baby. The Minion Pig's vehicle collapses and the Tiny Minion Pig wins the race with just the rocket alone. In the episode Swine Symphony, he makes a cameo on the title card as the 2nd pig in line with soot on his face.

Angry Birds Toons[]

In his first Toons appearance in Mind the Pony, both Bomb and Corporal Pig break his favorite toy pony. This causes him to cry and the other Minion Pigs to cry. Bomb and Corporal Pig go to jail and fix his toy pony in community service, this makes Tiny Minion Pig happy again. In Tiny Minion Pig's solo episode Short and Special, both him and Minion Pig Friend go to the amusement park to get on some rides. Unfortunately, he is stopped by Goliath Pig for being too small to ride. After making countless plans and inventions to try and get on the rides, Goliath Pig eventually feels pity and allows Tiny Minion Pig to ride by a technicality, the tall bump on his head.

The Angry Birds Movie[]

When Bomb crashed into the Pig's ship bunker after using the Trampoline, he lands in a room filled with nothing but Minion Pigs, including what seems to be Tiny Minion Pig, who tells the bird trio that they were hiding. He is also seen with Monty Pig wearing a helmet and he is seen guarding the eggs.


Piggy Tales[]


Stuck In?[]

Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work[]

Race Nut[]

Swine Symphony[]

Angry Birds Toons[]

Mind The Pony[]

Short and Special[]

The Angry Birds Movie[]

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