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This article is about the character in Angry Birds Seasons. For the character in Angry Birds Evolution, see Tony (Angry Birds Evolution).
Not to be confused with Tonya.

Tony[1] is a character appearing in the Angry Birds series. He is a bird and Terence's cousin, residing in Helsinki, Finland.


Tony is a very large bird who looks very similar to his cousin Terence. He is covered in sky blue feathers that are fashioned as if they were fur. Parts of his body also have small, teal-colored circles, while his belly is beau blue.


Tony is a serious bird, just as grumpy-looking as his cousin is. He likes watching the auroras during nighttime, and smiles while doing so.[2]

Game appearances

Angry Birds Seasons


In Angry Birds Seasons, Tony makes his first appearance as a playable character. During the events of On Finn Ice, he was visited by his cousin, Terence, to celebrate Christmas.[2] Tony first appears in the second level of On Finn Ice, and makes appearances as a playable character in one level in Pig Days, Ski or Squeal and Ragnahog. Also, in the latter, Tony might be found inside of cages. When those cages are broken, Tony will be freed, and the player will be able to use him when it is his turn.

When Tony is used in gameplay, the player can tap onto the screen to make him slightly rise upwards and then proceed to fall to the surface, destroying a limited amount of objects. However, Tony will be unable to use this move if he collides with something before the player uses it.

Angry Birds Dice

Angry Birds Dice Tony

Tony in Angry Birds Dice.

Tony makes a brief appearance in Angry Birds Dice as the bird on the Blizzard Spell Dice.

Angry Birds for Facebook Messenger


Tony (bottom right) in the loading screen of Angry Birds for Facebook Messenger.

In Angry Birds for Facebook Messenger, Tony makes a small cameo in the loading screen of the game.

Angry Birds Reloaded

Tony makes his grand return in Angry Birds Reloaded first appearing as an app icon in 2024. He then appeared in the chapter Midsummer Mayham 2, where he has the same ability that he had in Angry Birds Seasons.



Terence and Tony

Tony watching an aurora borealis with Terence, from Angry Birds Seasons.

Terence is Tony's cousin from Piggy Island. While both are equally serious and grumpy-looking, they seem to enjoy each other's company. Terence likes to visit his cousin for Christmas and watch the auroras with him during nighttime.[2]




  • Tony's ability is similar to that from Poppy and Silver (although unlike the latter, he does not loop before dropping down).
  • In Angry Birds Reloaded, he still reuses Terence’s sounds like he does in Seasons, but he now has his own unique voiceclips which are used much of the time.
  • In 2024, Tony was promoted alongside the Bear Pride Flag for Pride Month 2024. However, these are merely made for promotional material, and not canon.[3]


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