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Toy Hoggers is the twenty-sixth and the series finale episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 3 and the one hundred fourth overall.

This episode was aired on May 13, 2016.


"Toy Hoggers" is a pun on "toy huggers" and "hog", another term for a pig.

Toons.TV Description

When King Pig discards his damaged teddy bear, he instantly regrets it. He must have it back at all costs!



The episode begins in King Pig's bedroom where he was shown going to bed. He hugs his old teddy bear hard, but its arm comes off. This causes him to cry out so loud the whole of Pig City was awoken. Later on, King Pig shows Foreman Pig what happened to his teddy bear, which he then formulated a solution for the broken toy.

In an alleyway of Pig City, Foreman Pig and King Pig were seen going to an alleyway where the solution lay. After gaining access through a steel door, they enter a place filled with plenty of soft toys. King Pig was mega happy and proceeds to bring all of them with him, tossing away his broken teddy bear on his way home. Soon, a shadow loomed over the abandoned teddy bear.

Back in the castle, King Pig was sleeping but then has a horrifying nightmare of the teddy bear feeling sad on a rainy day. This causes him so much panic that he proceeds to retrieve the teddy bear with Foreman Pig's help. They return to where King Pig abandoned it, only to find Terence sitting on a nearby hill with the bear in his possession. King Pig orders Foreman Pig to retrieve the teddy bear in any way. Soon, the S.W.A.T. pigs arrived and surrounded Terence with the news reporting on the event.

Foreman Pig first offers Terence a collection of soft toys, but the offer was rejected. Next, a huge cake was offered which Terence rejected and then a performance played by Pianist Pig, which a boot was thrown by Terence in the pianist pig. Desperate to get back the teddy bear, King Pig offers Terence his kingdom, even though Foreman Pig objected. Not surprisingly, the plan fails.

The Toy Seller Pig then suggests an idea that would work; offering Terence a special toy. Foreman Pig decidedsit was a good idea, and proceeds to give the sobbing King Pig the case holding onto the toy. King Pig thinks of this plan as suicidal, but Foreman insisted that he did it himself. Soon, the toy (which was a plush of Terence) was offered to Terence. At first, it seemed as though the offer was also rejected, until the pigs looked away, only to look back to see that Terence has disappeared, leaving the bear behind. Happy that his teddy bear was safe again, King Pig and the rest of Pig City celebrate the moment. Meanwhile, Terence and most of the flock could be seen sleeping near the eggs, with Terence enjoying his new toy.



  • This episode dates in 2015 with the credits instead of 2016.
  • At the start of the episode, the Teddy Bear is beige but in later scenes, it's blue, it can be also mostly for shading.


  • The toy King Pig gives to Terence is actually the Terence model from The Angry Birds Movie.
    • Coincidentally, the said film was released in some areas a day before (e.g. Australia, Brazil, Mexico, etc.)
  • In the credits, the piggies' noises from the classic Angry Birds can be heard.
  • In the living room of the four pigs watching TV, above them is the Finnish flag.
  • The scene where King Pig screams, awakening the whole of Pig City, was reused from a scene of Sleep Like A Hog.
  • The only birds that don't make a cameo at the end are the blues.
  • This may be the final episode of Angry Birds Toons, due to there being no Angry Birds Toons episodes being released as of July 2021.
    • However, a poll was released from the Angry Birds YouTube channel. It asked viewers what Angry Birds Toons season they liked. One of the options included a 4th season, hinting the possibility that an extra season can occur, or could be referencing Angry Birds Blues or Angry Birds Stella (TV series).
      A season 4 option can be seen from the poll.
    • This is Terence's latest appearance in the series.

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