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Trampoline Rescue is the nineteenth episode of Season 1 of Angry Birds Blues.

YouTube Description[]

The Blues try to rescue Vincent who gets stuck in a tree, but end up needing to be rescued themselves.


  • Jim
  • Jay
  • Jake
  • Will


Jay, Jake, and Jim are watching Will bouncing on a trampoline. They decide to make it more fun for Will and soon bounces on the trampoline to send Will high in the air. But they launched Will too high on the third time, and he gets stuck within the tree's branch. The Blues panic and they all try to save Will.

Jay attempts to catch Will's legs and pull him down, but he launches himself too high and is now tangled in vines. Jake, and Jim decide not to use the trampoline and uses a ladder. Jake climbs up the ladder and it nearly topples back but Jim quickly holds the ladder in place. The trampoline soon returns and bumps into Jim. Annoyed, Jim decides to push the trampoline very far where it won't bother him, but also leaving the ladder unstable again. Jake soon falls into the trampoline and he gets stuck in the tree's trunk after being launched.

Jim quickly pushes the trampoline up on the hill. Just as the trampoline starts to slide, Jim quickly turns and the trampoline stops. He returns to the tree with his solution: to float up there with a balloon and pull Will out. While he was filling the balloon up, Jay notices the trampoline sliding down from the hill and quickly warns Jim. Jim soon notices the incoming trampoline and quickly fills up the balloon. He manages to float up before the trampoline hits the tree. Jim soon tries to rescue Will, but the balloon now hits a twig. He ends up falling at the spot where Will is trapped and knocks him down from tree, getting stuck in the process. Will lands safely on the trampoline. While Will was cheering gleefully, the Blues took note that all three of them are now stuck in the tree. Jay groans as the episode ends.


  • In the description, it says that they try to rescue Vincent, but it is Will. because Vincent is a green hatchling, not a purple hatchling.


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Angry Birds Blues - Trampoline Rescue - S1 Ep19

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