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Trap-A-Geddon TC
Episode number 7
Air Date April 21, 2017
Written by Jeff Hand
Directed by Thomas Lepeska
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Bust A Move Kite

Trap-A-Geddon is the seventh episode of Angry Birds Blues.

Toons.TV Description

Pranks get out of hand when the Blues try to outwit each other with increasingly dangerous traps.


Jay puts a cake on a log and starts to chuckle, he calls his brothers to come eat it. He then notices a Golden Mighty Eagle statue on a rock, he picks it and tries to take it off, but it is tied to a vine, which the vine pushes the statue, another one ties Jay 's feet and pushes him out of the ground. Jake comes in laughing of Jay , he then notices The Mighty Eagle: He Flies! comic book and picks it up, but the same thing that happened to his brother happens to him. Jim then comes laughing of both, he then notices the cake. He comes to eat it, but he notices a vine, he isn't fooled and comes to the picnic place, but it reveals that it was a hole trap, his brothers start to laugh at him and he gets angry. Then, Jay sees the Mighty Eagle Golden Statue again, but he steps on a vine and a bunch of apples are trown at him, he dodges them all and tries to get the statue, but an apple hits him. Jake laughs s his plan suceeded, he notices the comic book again but this time he is aware, but accidentally steps on a vine and an axe almost cuts him, he runs to get the comic book, but a hammer hits him succefully. Various traps are activated and a flame thrower turns the background into a bunch of smoke and armageddon feeling. Jake and Jim are scared and trying to not fall into a trap, Jay comes in with the cake, puts it in a log and swings a white flag, saying that his is in peace, Jake is scared, but he insists to he come to eat it and it's not dangerous. Jake and Jim comes in, Jim gives the comic book to Jake and he gives the Golden Mighty Eagle statue to Jay. Jim tries to slice the cake, but it turns out it was a bomb, they get covered in strawberry cream, Jake is bored, but a cherry falls on him and Jay eats it, the trio laughs.


  • The episode's name is a pun on Armegaddon, a supposed prophesied location of a gathering of armies for a battle during the end times according to the Book of Revelation.


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