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It is a blue bird of oval-elongated shape with long blue wings and small orange paws. The tail consists of several dark blue feathers. Between the face and lower body, the plumage consists of larger and darker feathers. The face itself is located on the very top of the bird with white plumage. The beak is small, triangular, the upper part is larger, stretched up and to the sides. The eyes are large, bulging, red-brown. Eyebrows are dark brown, rather thick. He wears a knitted striped brown hat, under which blue feathers stick out.

After the first evolution, his cap becomes larger, patterns appear in it in the form of zigzags of red, yellow and green colors, and also brown “ears” appear in it. A chain now appears on the neck with a large pacific sign.

After the second evolution of Martial Arts, its upper feathers become more fluffy and there are more of them. His eyes were a little red. A long, hanging brown mustache appeared. Several teeth disappeared. A dark blue hoodie with a hood and white shorts with red hearts appeared on the body, from which an electric flashlight sticks out.

After the second evolution, "Superhero" he appears not only a brown mustache, but also a beard. Pretty long combed dark blue hair now grows from his head. A white robe with long sleeves and a dark green patterned stripe at the collar appears on the body. On top of it also appears something like a jacket in dark blue of thin fabric.

Description from the game

Trey loves donuts ...

... more fun!

Hobbies: gardening.

Additional abilities

Leader's bonus: all blue birds of the team gain + 30% attack power.

Super-Shot ("Ultra Team ") (available after 4 turns): The tray is divided into several birds (3) and deals a large number of damage.

It can evolve with a change in appearance 2 times, and the second time the player himself chooses the appearance of the character.

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