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True Blue? is the eighth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

The Blues' theme song is first featured in this episode. This also marks Chef Pig's first appearance. It was aired on May 5, 2013.

Name origin

The episode's title is a pun on "True Blue Baby".

Toons.TV Description

A disguised Minion Pig manages to infiltrate the Blues, but will the little Angry Birds fall for his ruse?



Jay, Jake, and Jim are playing with a frisbee as Chef Pig spies from the bushes. Seeing the perfect opportunity to steal the eggs, he orders a Minion Pig disguised as one of the Blues to take the eggs.

When Jay, Jake, and Jim go to pick up the misthrown frisbee, they see the disguised minion pig. They get suspicious at first, but decide to accept him. The fake bird plays with them but they just threw the frisbee right at his face. Chef Pig was not pleased with what was happening but stayed hidden.

Afterwards, Jim, Jake and Jay got on a skateboard on top of a cliff and rode it down, and encouraged the disguised Minion Pig to do the same. Worried, he rode down too but crashed at the bottom of the sloped cliff. The Blues then took the Minion Pig to a pond, where Chef Pig was getting more disappointed.

Once they got to the pond, Jim, Jake and Jay, wearing assorted swimming caps, first dove into the pond, though the Pig fared not as gracefully. They went on to play several games (one of which involves some kind of archery), all of which injured the Minion Pig.

Eventually, with Chef Pig still watching, the Minion Pig attempts to steal the Eggs, but the Blues take the Minion Pig to the Slingshot, which disappoints Chef Pig even more. The Blues get ready to launch the Minion Pig at full force but not before Jake takes away his beak, which meant all along, they knew he was a pig, causing Chef Pig's plan to fail.

Then the disk from earlier lands near Chef Pig, frightening him, and the Blues close on in.

As the credits roll, the Blues can be heard launching Chef Pig as well by using the Slingshot. Just as they release the slingshot, he screams.




  • At 0:05, the eggs looked misshaped.
  • At 0:09, Chef Pig looked bright green. However, at 2:23, he looked light green instead.
  • At 0:58, the red colored helmet and the cooking pot swapped positions.
  • At 1:37, the Rovio logo is reversed.
  • From 2:10 to 2:18, the arrows on the Minion Pig's body are mysteriously gone.
  • In the credits, one of the voice characters included "Minion Pigs". However, there is only one in this episode.


  • Jim has the Rovio logo on his swimming cap. Jay wears a logo of the Finnish flag on his swimming cap.
  • In Full Metal Chuck and Cordon Bleugh, the slingshot strap is red. But in this episode, the slingshot strap is peach-colored. This happens again in the episode Do As I Say, as the strap is blue.
  • This is the second episode to have its title changed during production. The first is Pig Has Talent to Pig Talent. But if you count Egg Sounds then it's the third.
  • In one the Meet The Flock trailer, the brief scene of Chef Pig laughing was cut in front of Red nearly landing on the ground. It might've made some people to think that Chef Pig would have appeared in the episode Chuck Time.
  • When the disguised pig attempts to do the Blues skateboard stunt and smashes into the ramp itself, it's similar to what happened in the Bad Piggies trailer. It also looks like he was enjoying himself before he impacted.
  • Like King Pig, Chef Pig is shaped differently from the Pigs. King Pig is a right side up triangular shape and Chef Pig is an upside-down triangular-shaped or balloon shaped.
  • The pig in this episode reappears in Angry Birds Epic as the Merchant Pig, although he had the costume in this episode to get the eggs.
    • The pig's name is revealed to be Piggy McCool, also seen in Epic.
  • Jake is breaking the fourth wall at the ending screen.
  • This is the second time The Blues use the slingshot to have sling someone away, the first being Full Metal Chuck.
  • Chef Pig's mustache moves of its own accord.
  • This is the first and second time someone launched with the slingshot did not intend to use it.


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