Tusk 'til Dawn
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Episode number 5
Levels 24 levels + 6 bonus levels
New features Halloween pumpkin
Released October 17, 2013. IOS, Android and Mac

October 29, 2013. PC

Game(s) Bad Piggies Icon
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Flight in the Night The Road to El Porkado

Tusk 'til Dawn is the fifth episode of Bad Piggies. It is based on Halloween, and has new music while driving a vehicle, made by a popular recording artist, Major Lazer.  The episode is a sugar filled land, like Birdday Party from Angry Birds Classic, but instead much darker with a Halloween atmosphere. This episode applies Halloween masks for Ross every time you place him in his vehicle:

  1. Vampire;
  2. Devil;
  3. Hannibal;
  4. Jason and
  5. Mummy.


Ross goes trick or treating at a Halloween world, where there are many candies. After that, he enjoyed his halloween treats,he ate too many candies that he felt asleep.

After he's awake, the Zombie Pigs and Major Lazer came and took his remaining candies, making Ross very mad and wanting to attack Major Lazer with his empty pumpkin pot, but it bounced back and hit his head, making him unconscious.

After he's awake once again, he realized that everything that just happened is a bad dream.


  • The Birds attack Ross if he makes too much noise, a feature returning from Flight in the Night.
  • This episode includes Halloween pumpkins for all levels in the first page.
  • The background is similar to Birdday PartyTrick or TreatHam'o'ween and Utopia.
  • This is the only time you build vehicles on a dream.
  • It celebrates Bad Piggies' 1st Anniversary that celebrated 3 weeks ago until it is released.
  • The episode title is a pun on the phrase "Dusk 'til Dawn".
  • Along with Road Hogs, this episode Doesn't countains Sandboxes thought you can get items for Sand Boxes


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