Episode number 0
Levels 15
New features
Released 2017
Game(s) Ab icon
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N/A Poached Eggs

Tutorial is an episode in the original Angry Birds, consisting of 15 levels. This episode is designed for new players of the game to introduce themselves to the birds and the Power-Ups. This episode must be completed before starting the game itself.

Levels 1-8 introduce six of the birds: Red, Chuck, Bomb, The Blues, Terence, and Bubbles. The next six levels introduce each of the power-ups (Sling Scope, Power Potion, King Sling, Birdquake and Shockwave) and how to use each of them (with unlimited use), and the final level lets the use of all the birds listed above and all of the power-ups to complete the level.

The episode is similar to Playground in Angry Birds Rio and Power-Up Practice in Angry Birds Friends (mobile).

It reuses the background of Power-Up University with an extra new background.


  • This is the only episode to have 0 in it.
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