Template:Epic Infobox Level Uncharted Plains - 10 is the one hundred and thirtieth level of Chronicle Caves in Angry Birds Epic. It is a Normal stage. When this level is finished, the player may spin for 1 Treasure Chest. Winter Soldier is fought here.

He is a stronger Ice Knight with the ability to stun the target for 2 turns instead of dispelling the target's helpful effects although he needs to charge for a turn.

Battle Hint

Knights (Low damage deals only half the damage.)

These dutiful pigs are Ironclad and take only half the damage if the attack damage is too low.

Hint: Use strong attacks to overcome the damage reduction penalty.


The Winter Soldier has been defeated. The door to the next cave, Stormy Sea, has been unlocked.

Cave effect

CaveTremor.png Cave Tremor - Deals 405 damage. 100% to stun a random target for 1 turn. Every 3 turns.


Ice Knight.png Winter Soldier

ABEpicHP (Transparent).png {{{HP}}}


Winter Is Coming!

Charge: 2 turns. Deals {{{1}}} damage and stuns the target for 2 turns.


Frozen Armor

Protects himself with a barrier which absorbs {{{2}}} damage over 5 turns.



Passive: Halves received damage less than D.

The boss of Uncharted Plains.


Have the following birds:

Now follow the guide below.

  1. Remember that Winter Soldier will always follow a set pattern below. He will not break from it.
    1. Activate Ice Barrier.
    2. Attack.
  2. Have Princess attack the Winter Solider so that he has to attack the highest-health bird. That way, you can also focus Princess's Royal Aid on Paladin as shown in the step below. The damage from the cave effect should be covered easily by Holy Strike.
  3. When Winter Solider is about to attack, use Untouchable on Paladin to reflect the stun to stall for 2 turns and Devotion on the target.
  4. Repeat until Winter Solider is defeated. Just remember that the stun from the cave effect cannot be neglected by Untouchable or removed with any skill that removes harmful effects.



Angry Birds Epic Cave 13 Final Boss Winter Soldier

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