Up or Down?
Piggy Tales-UpDown
Episode number 15
Air Date July 18, 2014
Written by Ville Lepistö
Directed by Ville Lepistö
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Peekaboo! Gloves

Up or Down? is the fifteenth episode of Piggy Tales.

Toons.TV Description

When a busy little pig calls an elevator, it keeps him waiting – but what’s taking so long?


The story starts with a Minion Pig pushing the elevator button, but all two elevator doors not open. He then pushes it again, and they still doesn't open. He keeps pushing the button until both elevator doors finally opens at the same time on his floor! One elevator with no-one inside and one with 11 Minion Pigs crowded in the elevator! The Minion Pig looks at the other Minion Pigs, and as he smiles stupidly because he thought that if he go to the elevator with the other Minion Pigs, it will be more fun than go alone. Then the music is heard while the credits start. The Minion Pig decides the jump into the Minion Pigs and then the two elevators close and all two broken with the elevators going in all patterns.


  • This is the fifth time a Piggy Tales episode has a different theme than the original. The others are Epic Sir Bucket, The Mirror, Super Glue, and Abduction.
  • This is the first and might be the only episode with an elevator despite episode It's A Wrap.



  • Minion Pigs
  • Elevator (exclusive appearance)


Piggy Tales "Up Or Down?"

Piggy Tales "Up Or Down?"

Oh great! When will the elevators open?!

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