Al the Emerald Toucanet

aka Al the Emerald Toucanet

  • I live in Piggy Island
  • I was born on September 25
  • My occupation is Video Gaming and Wiki Editing
  • I am a male

Welcome to my profile, <insert name here>!

I guess some what about me?

Hey fam! I'm Al the Emerald Toucanet. My favorite candy is Skittles... Lol, that's definitely how you have an introduction to a user page.

I'm a pretty geeky fanboy that loves the Sonic the Hedgehog series, the Angry Birds series, and Pixar's Cars series of films (the Planes movies by DisneyToon Studios are pretty nice too), and I also really enjoy the thrill of playing with Nintendo's amazing software and hardware. Such amazing games and tech. <3

Anyways, Angry Birds has always been a passion of mine, especially when piecing together the very interesting lore that hides within it, including it's interesting timeline theory I made not too long ago (as of me typing this). I first heard of the name of the franchise from a friend of mine who'd come over from time-to-time, who also happened to have a Chuck plush and a Red plush. 

In 2011, my mom had the Angry Birds demo app game on her iPhone 3GS. I played it like once, but wasn't really clicking to it.

Sad Willow

This is a picture I made on Microsoft Paint. You like it? It took long to make.

Though, my true introduction to the franchise was back in 2012, when my siblings started getting attracted to the franchise, having been heard of it from via the app store on my dad's old iPhone. Though, I usually doubted app games all the time, especially something that my younger siblings where into. Though, I would sometimes watch them playing the games, and I remember how it seemed so weirdly actractive as an app game to me (though, I feel like it's natural that things like this spread through the family), I gave it a try, and than it clicked. It was sad at this time, though, especially because non of the games where free, having to deal with the demos was very sad. I remember Angry Birds Space came out, and, ooh, I seemed so in love with this one. I think it was because the space physics. Though, the only payed game we had was Seasons (as far as I remember). So, I figured I'd give my dad a buck to put in the bank account to get it, and boom. When we got back home I bought it, and, boom, Angry Birds Space became my first owned AB game. I was so thrilled, and seeing Bubbles in space was so amazing. Than, after that moment in my life, I had began to keep up with the franchise, even remembering when Rooster Teeth uploaded the amazing fan-made Angry Birds film trailer, along with the various rumors of an official film in the works.

So, yep. That's the story of this fanboy's interest in a franchise that's surrounding about angry birds trying to get they're eggs back from some bad piggies that are hungry. Pretty crazy, right?

Also, I'm usually inactive on here. So keep that in mind. But, if you wanna keep in contact with me on a media platform that I'm always active on, please just ask me on my message wall. I'd be more than happy to help and answer your question(s)! :)

My Favorite Angry Birds

My Favorite Stella Birds

Angry Birds Games I Have




My favorite AB games

Plush Toys I Own

  • Note that one of the Hal plushes are my first Angry Birds Plush.

Normal Series

  • Red Plush (4 inch and 5 inch)
  • 6 Blue Bird Plushes (four 5 inch one 2 inch and one 8 inch)
  • Chuck Plush (5 inch with new design)
  • 2 Bomb Plushes (one 5 inch one 8 inch)
  • Matilda Plush (8 inch)
  • 2 Hal Plushes (both 5 inch with open beaks)
  • Bubbles Plush (5 inch)
  • 2 Inflated Bubbles Plush (both 12 inch)
  • Stella Plush (5 inch)

Stella Series

  • Willow Plush (5 inch)

*To be extended


  • 2 Female Red Bird Plushes (both 5 inch)
  • Valentines White Bird Plush (5 inch)
  • Winter Red Plush (5 inch)
  • Winter Chuck Plush (5 inch)
  • Winter Blue Bird Plush (5 inch)
  • Halloween Red Plush (5 inch)
  • Red with Santa Hat (8 inch)
  • Easter Chuck Plush (5 inch with new design)
  • Easter Stella Plush (5 inch)

Space Plush

  • Space Red Plush (5 inch)
  • Lazer Chuck Plush (5 inch)
  • Fire Bomb Plush (5 inch)
  • Ice Bird Plush (5 inch)

*To be extended

Star Wars Plush

  • Princess Stella Plush (5 inch)
  • Fighter Pilot Red Skywalker (8 inch)

*To be extended

Rio Plush

  • Blu (5 inch)
  • Jewel (5 inch)

*To be extended

The Angry Birds Movie Plushes

  • Chuck (7 inch)
  • Matilda (7 inch)
  • Stella (7 inch)

*To be extended

Custom Plush

This is a section for my custom Angry Birds plushes. Some may be customly modified and some may be homemade. If you want to see what they look like, leave me a message on my message wall on the Angry Birds Fanon Wiki.

  • Custom Female Black Bird Plush (5 inch Not Actually a Character, Plush made with a Bomb Plush)
  • Custom Grandma White Bird Plush (5 inch Not actually a character, Plush made with a Matilda Plush)
  • Costume made Angry Birds Stella Luca Plush (2 inch)
  • And one Custom Pig a Custom Mailman Pig Plush (made with a dog toy Angry Birds Pig plush)

Bad Piggies

  • King Pig Plush (5 inch I might get an 8 inch)
  • 3 Minion Pig Plush (two 5 inch one 4 inch)
  • 2 Helmet Pig Plushes (one 5 inch and one 4 inch)
  • Female Pig Plush (5 inch)
  • Earmuffs Pig Plush (5 inch winter Plush)
  • Cupid Pig Plush (5 inch)
  • Chef Pig Plush (5 inch)
  • Pigstruction Worker Pig Plush (5 inch)
  • Postman Pig Plush (5 inch)

Backpack Clips

  • Red backpack Clip
  • Bomb backpack Clip
  • Hal backpack Clip
  • Bubbles backpack Clip

*To be extended

Pages I enjoy editing! ^v^


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