GameBoo Advance

aka GameBoo:The All Time Gamer

  • I live in Mushroom Kingdom
  • I was born on June 22
  • My occupation is Hmmmmmmm....
  • I am Male
GameBoo Advance
300px-GameBoo Advance
Real Name:ΓΓΓΓΓΓΓΓ...
Age:What's the question again?
Favorite Character's:Orange Bird,Black Bird,Brother Bird,King Pig,Fat Pig,R2D2 Egg,Mighty Eagle
Least Favorite Character's:None that I can think of
Friend's:None so far
Favorite AB Game:So hard to choose!
Worse AB Game:None
Favorite AB Levels:Utopia,Birdday Party,Haunted Hogs,Abra-Ca-Bacon,Hoth,Red Planet,Market Mayhem,Beach Volley,Flight in the Night


I know my user page is not that fancy, but that will change in the near future. I've played Angry Birds for a long time and I would say that I'm a fan. Angry Birds are one of my favorite gaming series and yet I decide to join this wiki now.

If you join in Mario Wiki, I'm Peteyking64.


Pig GameBoo Orange bird space

AB Games I Own

Note:All are for IOS

Angry Birds*

Angry Birds Seasons*

Angry Birds Rio*

Angry Birds Space**

Angry Birds Star Wars**

Bad Piggies**

Mighty Eagle Unlocked=*

Payed for extra content=**

Bird Signatures

AB Plush I Own

  • Plush Piggy
  • Plush Red
  • Plush Space Terence
  • Plush Space Bomb
  • Plush Space Red
  • Plush Rio Blu
  • Plush Helmet Piggy
  • Plush Ice Bird

More To Come On This User Page!

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