Ham O Ween

aka Hammy

  • I live in Classified
  • I was born on June 2
  • My occupation is Artist
  • I am Male
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ABRio2 Sprites (Chuck 2)
ABRio2 Sprites (Hal 3)
ABRio2 Sprites (Bubbles 2)
ABRio2 Sprites (Bomb 5)

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Welcome to my Page!

My favorite pages

Hello Feathery Friends! I am Ham O Ween, but you can call me Ham! I'm From Bubbles Species and Bubbles' Cousin! I live on Piggy Island with the rest of the Flock! Know no more chit chat! Lets have some fun!

Angry Birds Versions I Own!

  • Angry Birds
  • Angry Birds Seasons
  • Angry Birds Rio
  • Angry Birds Star Wars
  • Angry Birds Star Wars 2
  • Angry Birds Go!
  • Angry Birds Stella
  • Angry Birds Transformers

About me

Hello, I'm Ham O Ween! aka Ham! I am best friends with Bubbles and The Blues, And I'm Bubbles' Cousin! I'm a Student and has 3 younger brothers.(Carson The Toucan, Sawyer the Cardinal, and Finley the Blue Jay.) My favorite Bird is (Of Course!) Bubbles. and my favorite pig is Fat Pig. My favorite AB game is Angry Birds Transformers. Please make sure to check the new page! Angry Birds Movie! Coming July 1st 2016! Can't wait to see it! What about you?? I'm also a Big Fan of Star Wars. :D Well that's all I have to say! Keep on Slinging and Ham On!

Friends List

If you would like to be my friend, simply type in your Wiki username

My Favorite Characters

The Flock/Birds

  • Red Bird(Red)
  • Yellow Bird(Chuck)
  • Bomb Bird(Bomb)
  • The Blues(Jay, Jake, and Jim)
  • Orange Bird(Bubbles)

Bad Piggies

  • King Pig
  • Mechanic Pig
  • Helmet Pig/Corporal Pig

My Favorite AB Toons Episodes ( Season 1 and 2 )

The Flock

Eggs 2 ABRio2 Sprites (Red 2) ABRio2 Sprites (The Blues 2) ABRio2 Sprites (The Blues 2) ABRio2 Sprites (The Blues 2) ABRio2 Sprites (Chuck 2) ABRio2 Sprites (Bomb 2) ABRio2 Sprites (Matilda 2) ABRio2 Sprites (Hal 3) ABRio2 Sprites (Terence 1) ABRio2 Sprites (Bubbles 1) ABRio2 Sprites (Stella 2) Mighty eagle in toons

The Bad Piggies

King pig 2 Headstrong Wonk Mep Faraway Inventor Maverick Fat pig

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