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Hi. I'm Qazqaz555. I am also simply known as Qaz. I'm a former member of the staff.

About Me

I've played Angry Birds ever since the original became a big hit, and I've grown to like it over the couple of months of playing it, though I'm not really obsessed with it. I also have the Seasons, Rio, and Space versions.

For those of you who haven't noticed, there is a user on Photobucket that goes by the same username as me: qazqaz5555. I am not that user.

Favorite/Least Favorite Birds

Favorite Birds

Angry+Birds+Wreck+The+Halls+animation.jpg My opinion of the best Bird in the games. He can fly a decent distance considering how heavy he is, and does a great deal of damage. An easy 3-stars when you have this bird at your disposal.

Seasons-Greedings.jpg He's big, scary looking, and even stronger than the Black Bird. The problem is, he can't fly as far. Otherwise, he is just as great as Black Bird.

Yellow Bird Han.PNG What I like about his ability is that it can shoot faraway objects, and is a lot more accurate than the regular Yellow Bird.

Least Favorite Birds

Pink Bird.JPG Not gonna lie, or insult Rovio, but this one's not a favorite of mine. It can't even kill a pig with direct contact, and on top of that, doesn't really carry many things in its bubbles. It's physical strength is the weakest amongst the birds, and overall is at the bottom tier of usefulness.

Mighty Eagle in Action.PNG A bird that does the entire level for you. Not a great bird, in my opinion, because all of the fun is taken out. Also, you have to pay extra for it. Why waste a dollar on the Eagle when you can get another game?

C3P0 R2D2.PNG Almost as useless as the Pink Bird, C-3P0 is another dislike of mine. Its body parts don't fly out very fast, and aren't that strong. It also only has 5 pieces, not very great on larger stages.

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