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  • I live in Virginia Beach, VA
  • I was born on May 12
  • I am Male
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Welcome Angry Bird!

I'm a fan of every bird, one eagle, and every Bad Piggy, pig and small.

My favorite pages

My Favorite Birds

  • Red - the main protagonist of the flock! Likes to do what we Angry Birds use: The Slingshot!
  • Chuck - the second bird of the flock! What happens when he speeds up? He kills pigs!
  • Matilda - the third bird in the flock! Loves to watch the eggs and to stop pigs!
  • Bomb - the fourth bird in the flock! Watch out, 'cause Bomb's gonna explode and kill pigs!
  • Terence - the fifth bird in the flock! He is the largest bird that can block all of you pigs!
  • Bubbles - the sixth bird in the flock! Watch out, pigs, 'cause Bubbles is turning big soon!
  • Stella - the sixth bird in the flock! She's pink, she has bubbles, and has her own game!
  • Meet Jay, Jake and Jim! The Blue Birds are funny and sometimes like to play pranks - surprise!
  • Meet the MIGHTY EAGLE! Watch out, pigs, cause he's gonna turn you dead completely!
  • Hal - the tenth bird who boomerangs! Piggies, watch out, 'cause his tornado is about to get you!
  • Ice Bird - although not in Angry Birds land, he can freeze things every time in space!

My Favorite Pigs

  • Minion Pig - They come in all sizes, but teams up with Corporal and King to steal the eggs!
  • Foreman Pig - also teams up to steal the eggs completely!
  • King Pig - the first boss in all of Pig City! Always likes to steal the eggs and enjoy some bacon!
  • Corporal Pig - the second boss in Pig City! Likes to tease birds so they can steal the eggs!
  • Mechanic Pig - always a helpful pig at times, and always likes to fix karts and contraptions!
  • Freckled Pig - the only pig who has freckles! Always likes to ride contraptions!
  • Postman Pig - loves to give away newsletters, mail, and so many more!
  • Professor Pig - always a helpful teacher to the pigs! This professor makes good sense!
  • Piggy McCool - pulls up special offers, plus offers of new stuff, and helps out for the battle!


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