aka Epic Pig

  • I live in Tamriel, Skyrim, Windhelm.
  • My occupation is Champion of Hermaeus Porka
  • Bio I Am a Medium-sized pig. I am unique, for I am both wyrm and hog. I am the Dovahpork. My Thu'um is suleyk.
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Hello, I'm The Dovahpork

Hello fandom user, I am the Dovahpork. I was born both wyrm and hog.

I am a male, medium sized minion pig. But I am unique, for I have signature freckles and the soul of a dovah! I have the most powerful voice, the most thundering thu'um. Alduin, the first kiin of Akatosh's suleyk was no match for mine! I am eternal, Zu'u Unslaad. Zu'u Nis Oblaan.

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