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Three of my favorite birds! The blues.

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Hi! My name is SuperMario43.

¡Hola! Mi nombre es SuperMario43.

Salut! Je m'apelle SuperMario43.

こんにちは! 私の名前はSuperMario43です。


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How can I enter a character in a page for that look alike this: Red (Everyone can copy from here)

First, I have to write it in {{}} and now

Characters in Angry Birds Original , Seasons , 2 , Go! and all the games that the birds and pigs have their original appearance


Original Birds|Red Bird=Template:Original Birds

Original Birds|Yellow Bird=Template:Original Birds                                                                                               

Original Birds|Blue Bird=Template:Original Birds                                                                                                        

Original Birds|Black Bird=Template:Original Birds                                                                                                    

Original Birds|White Bird=Template:Original Birds                                                                                                    

Original Birds|Big Brother Bird=Template:Original Birds

Original Birds|Boomerang Bird=Template:Original Birds

Original Birds|Pink Bird=Template:Original Birds

Original Birds|Orange Bird=Template:Original Birds

Original Birds|Mighty Eagle=Template:Original Birds

Original Birds|Mighty Dragon=Template:Original Birds


Pigs|Small Pig=Template:Pigs

Pigs|Medium Pig=Template:Pigs

Pigs|Large Pig=Template:Pigs

Pigs|Corporal Pig/Pigs|Helmet Pig=Template:Pigs

Pigs|Moustache Pig/Pigs|Foreman Pig=Template:Pigs

Pigs|King Pig=Template:Pigs

Pigs|Fat Pig=Template:Pigs

Characters in Space


Space Birds|Red Bird=Super Red Bird

Space Birds|Lazer Bird=Lazer Bird

Space Birds|Blue Birds=Lightning Birds

Space Birds|Black Bird=Firebomb Bird

Space Birds|Big Brother Bird=Incredible Terence

Space Birds|Orange Bird=Atomic Bird

Space Birds|Ice Bird=Ice Bird

Space Birds|Space Egg=Space Egg

Space Birds|Sardine=Sardine



Characters in Star Wars


Star Wars Birds|Luke=Red Skywalker

Star Wars Birds|Han=Chuck "Ham" Solo

Star Wars Birds|Rebel=Blue Squadron

Star Wars Birds|Obi-Wan=Red Skywalker

Star Wars Birds|Chewie=Terebacca

Star Wars Birds|Leia=Princess Stella Organa

Star Wars Birds|Lando=Lando Birdissian

Star Wars Birds|C-3PO=C-3PYOLK

Star Wars Birds|R2=


Star Wars Pigs|Tusken=Tusken Raider

Star Wars Pigs|Stormtrooper=Stormtrooper

Star Wars Pigs|TIE=TIE Fighter

Star Wars Pigs|DS Trooper=Death Star Trooper

Star Wars Pigs|Officer=Imperial Officer Pig

Star Wars Pigs|GM Tarkin=Grand Moff Tarkin

Star Wars Pigs|Darth Vader=Darth Vader

Star Wars Pigs|Snowtrooper=Snowtrooper

Star Wars Pigs|Maximilian=Maximilian Veers

Star Wars Pigs|VP Droid=Viper Probe Droid

Star Wars Pigs|Mynock Pig=Mynock Pig

Star Wars Pigs|Fat Mynock Pig=Fat Mynock Pig

Star Wars Pigs|Boba Fett=Boba Fett

File:Darth Vader.png|40px|Darth Vader with Lightsaber|link=Star Wars Characters#Darth Vader=Darth Vader with Lightsaber*

Star Wars Pigs|Biker Scout=Biker Scout

Star Wars Pigs|TIE Fighter Pilot=TIE Fighter Pilot

Star Wars Pigs|Palpatine=Emperor Piglatine

Characters in Star Wars Ⅱ

Bird Side-Playable Birds

Star Wars II Birds|Qui-Gon Jinn=Template:Star Wars II Birds

Star Wars II Birds|Obi-Wan=Template:Star Wars II Birds

Star Wars II Birds|Yoda=Template:Star Wars II Birds

Star Wars II Birds|C3P-O-=Template:Star Wars II Birds

Star Wars II Birds|R2-D2=<Template:Star Wars II Birds

Star Wars II Birds|Jar Jar Binks=Template:Star Wars II Birds

Star Wars II Birds|Anakin Podracer=Template:Star Wars II Birds

Star Wars II Birds|Padme Amidala=Template:Star Wars II Birds

Star Wars II Birds|Captain Panaka=Template:Star Wars II Birds

Star Wars II Birds|Mace Windu=Template:Star Wars II Birds

Star Wars II Birds|Anakin Jedi=Template:Star Wars II Birds

Star Wars II Birds|Jedi Youngling=Template:Star Wars II Birds

Star Wars II Birds|Kit Fisto=Template:Star Wars II Birds

Bird Side-Target Pigs

Star Wars II Pigs|Droid Pig=Template:Star Wars II Pigs

Star Wars II Pigs|Tusken=Template:Star Wars II Pigs

Star Wars II Pigs|Rune Haako=Template:Star Wars II Pigs

Star Wars II Pigs|Battle Droid=Template:Star Wars II Pigs

Star Wars II Pigs|Nute Gunray=Template:Star Wars II Pigs

Star Wars II Pigs|Zam Wesell=Template:Star Wars II Pigs

Pork Side-Playable Pigs

Star Wars II Pigs|Jango Fett=Template:Star Wars II Pigs

Star Wars II Pigs|Darth Sidious=Template:Star Wars II Pigs

Star Wars II Pigs|Battle Droid=Template:Star Wars II Pigs

Star Wars II Pigs|Droideka=Template:Star Wars II Pigs

Star Wars II Pigs|Darth Maul=Template:Star Wars II Pigs

Star Wars II Pigs|Count Dooku=Template:Star Wars II Pigs

Star Wars II Pigs|Boba Fett=Template:Star Wars II Pigs

Star Wars II Birds|Anakin Sith=Template:Star Wars II Birds

Star Wars II Pigs|Shocktrooper=Template:Star Wars II Pigs

Pork Side-Target Birds

Star Wars II Birds|Yellow Security Officer=Template:Star Wars II Birds

Star Wars II Birds|Red Security Officer=Template:Star Wars II Birds

Star Wars II Birds|Captain Security Officer=Template:Star Wars II Birds

Star Wars II Birds|Jawa=Template:Star Wars II Birds

Star Wars II Birds|Obi-Wan Enemy=Template:Star Wars II Birds

Characters in Toons


Toons Characters|Red=Red

Toons Characters|Chuck=Chuck

Toons Characters|The Blues=The Blues

Toons Characters|Bomb=Bomb

Toons Characters|Matilda=Matilda

Toons Characters|Terence=Terence

Toons Characters|Hal=Hal

Toons Characters|Stella=Stella

Toons Characters|Bubbles=Bubbles


Toons Characters|Minion Pig=Minion Pig

Toons Characters|Chef Pig=Chef Pig

Toons Characters|Corporal Pig=Corporal Pig

Toons Characters|Foreman Pig=Foreman Pig

Toons Characters|King Pig=King Pig

=Stella Characters (Games and Animated Series)


Stella Characters|Stella=Template:Stella Characters

Stella Characters|Poppy=Template:Stella Characters

Stella Characters|Luca=Template:Stella Characters

Stella Characters|Willow=Template:Stella Characters

Stella Characters|Dahlia=Template:Stella Characters


Stella Characters|Gale=Template:Stella Characters


Toons Characters|Minion Pig=Minion Pig

File:HandsomePig.png|20px|link=Handsome Pig=HandsomePig.png*

Remember that all the icons can be like this: File:(Image Name)|20px|link=(Character Name)* Example File:Red.png|20px|link=Red=Red.png

Angry Birds Games

Episodes You Can See in Toons.TV

By SuperMario43

1. Treasure Hunt (Based in Hambo)

2. Sweets of Doom (Season 2 Halloween Special)

3. Party Ahoy

4. Hide and Seek

5.Sink or Swim

6. Super Bomb!

7. Just So

8. The Miracle of Life

9. Cave Pig

10. Joy To The Pigs (Season 2 Christmas Special)

11. Dogzilla

12. Boulder Bro

13. Chuck Mania

14. Not Without My Helmet

15. Mona Litha

16. Sir Bomb of Hamelot

17. Bearded Ambition

18. Cold Justice

19. Slow The Chuck Down

20. Brutal vs Brutal

21. Eating Out

22. The Great Eggscape

23. Sleep Like A Hog

24. Bombina

25. Pig Possessed

26. Epic Sax-Off (Season Finale)

1. Royal Heist

2. Bad Hair Day

3. Golditrotters

4. A Fistful of Cabbage

5. Porcula (Season 3 Halloween Special)

6. Didgeridork

7. The Porktrait

8. Fix It

9. Age Rage

10. Catching The Blues

11. Last Tree Standing (Season 3 Christmas Special)

12. Happy Hippy

13. Mind The Pony

14. Robo-Tilda

15. King of the Ring

16. Spaced Out

17. Battling Butlers

18. Eggshaustion

19. Short and Special (Haven't Yet Aired)

1. Trampoline

2. Rough Necks

3. Abduction

4. Teeter-Trotter

5. The Hole

6. Push Button

7. The Mirror

8. Super Glue

9. Piggy in the Middle

10. Epic Sir Bucket

11. Push Button Trouble

12. Sha-Zam!

13. Puffed Up

14. Peekaboo

15. Up or Down?

16. Gloves

17. Snooze

18. Superpork

19. Cake Duel

20. Dr. Pork, M.D

21. Hog Hoops

22. The Cure

23. Up the Tempo

24. Jammed

25. Fly Piggy, Fly!

26. The Game

27. The Catch (Possible Season Finale)

28. Snowed Up (Holiday Special) (Possible Season Finale)

29. The Wishing Well (Season 2 Episode 1)

30. Stuck In? (Season 2 Episode 2)

31. It's A Wrap (Season 2 Episode 3) (Possible Season Finale)

T. Ready Aim Play

A Peek Inside Professor Pig's Lab:

1. The Golden Duck

2. The Blizzard

3. The Pig Iflator

4. The Chili

5. The Mighty Eagle

ABFDPL. Invade Dr. Pig's Lab

G. Goosebumps

1. A Fork in the Friendship

2. Bad Princess

3. The Golden Egg (The Golden Egg History Part 1)

4. Rock On!

5. The Runaway

6. All That Glitters (The Golden Egg History Part 2)

7. Pig Power

8. Own The Sky

9. The Prankster

10. Piggy Love (The Golden Egg History Part 3)

11. The Portrait

12. Don't Steal My Birthday!

13. To The Bitter End (The Golden Egg History Part 4) (Season Finale)

14. New Day

15. Friends Whenever

16. Night of the Bling (Halloween Special)

17. Step It Up

18. Camp Scary (Dahlia vs The Golden Egg Part 1)

19. It's Mine! (Dahlia vs The Golden Egg Part 2)

20. Royal Pains (Instead of The Golden Queen)

21. The Storm

22. The Golden Queen

23. Gilded Cage

24. Premonition

25. Last Bird Standing

26. You Asked for It (Season Finale)

By Angry Birds Wiki

Angry Birds Epic Levels

Original Levels

1. South Beach-1

2. South Beach-2

S. Golden Clouds

3. South Beach-3

4. South Beach-4

5. Pig Prison

6. Cobalt Plateaus-1

7. Cobalt Plateaus-2

8. Cobalt Plateaus-3

9. Cobalt Plateaus-4

10. Cobalt Plateaus-5

11. Cobalt Plateaus-6

12. Cobalt Plateaus-7

13. Cobalt Pig Castle

14. Cobalt Plateaus-8

15. Cobalt Plateaus-9

16. Cobalt Plateaus-10

17. Cobalt Plateaus-11

18. Cobalt Plateaus-12

19. Matilda's Garden

20. Puzzle Bridge

21. Golden Fields-1

22. Golden Fields-2


Way 1-Start

23. Golden Fields-3

Way 1-Finish

Way 2-Start

23B. Beard Forest-1

24B. Beard Forest-2

Way 2-Finish

When you beat Beard Forest-2, nothing will happen! Just the line will go to Golden Fields-3. So,

23. Golden Fields-3 (Again)

24. Cornucopia Woods (For Taking Back The Ship's Steering Wheel)

25. Southern Cobalt Plateaus (For Taking Back The Ship's Steering Wheel)

26. Western Cobalt Plateaus (For Taking Back The Ship's Steering Wheel)

27. Eastern Cobalt Plateaus-1 (For Taking Back The Ship's Steering Wheel)

28. Eastern Cobalt Plateaus-2 (For Taking Back The Ship's Steering Wheel)


Way 1-Start

29A. Eastern Cobalt Plateaus-3 (For Taking Back The Ship's Steering Wheel)

30A. Eastern Cobalt Plateaus-4 (For Taking Back The Ship's Steering Wheel)

31A. Eastern Cobalt Plateaus-5 (For Taking Back The Ship's Steering Wheel)

32A. Eastern Cobalt Plateaus-6 (For Taking Back The Ship's Steering Wheel)

33A. Eastern Cobalt Plateaus-7 (For Taking Back The Ship's Steering Wheel)

34A. Eastern Cobalt Plateaus-8 (For Taking Back The Ship's Steering Wheel)

Way 1 Finish

Way 2-Start (That way doesn't finish)

28B. Limestone Lagoon-1

29B. Limestone Lagoon-2

30B. Limestone Lagoon-3

31B. Limestone Lagoon-4

32B. Limestone Lagoon-5

33B. Limestone Lagoon-6

34B. Shipwreck Reef

To e contin ed. .

How to make a character link that looks in another colour (Red)

For it looks like this, you have to do this:

Step 1: Write [[]] to make a link and enter

Red Bird|Red=Red

Yellow Bird|Chuck=Chuck

Black Bird|Bomb=Bomb etc (Stella characters don't need this)

My Story About what the Birds and Pigs say about:

Angry Birds Toons

At the begin, Birds just atacked Pigs with a Slingshot to save the eggs. What boring! After finishig a level, someone wanted to speak with the Birds! It was Søren Bird (Original:Søren Fleng), producer! He said he wants to make a cartoon named Angry Birds Toons. The birds was thanked to be in the series, even they had a little squabble when they learned that he first said to the Pigs. In the first episode, the birds was just happy!

BIRDS AND PIGS: Want some more toons


*This one is only in [[]]

**Junction:Sometimes, when you finish a level, instead of show you that the next level will be this, you can choose between way 1 and way 2.

Christmas Special 2015

Piggy Island Christmas Carols

Jingle Yells

Dashing throw our paws


In a one-pork open sleigh

Over kings we go

Crying all the way

Birds on versus plays

Making piggies fight

What fun it is to ride a pig

And eating eggies fried

Jingle Yells, Jingle Yells

Jingle all the way

Oh what fun it is to ride  In a one-pork open sleigh (x2)

--James Lord Pierpont (Jingle Bells Lyrics and Music), "SuperMario43" and King Pig (Jingle Yells Lyrics), Ian Carney (Original Jingle Yells Idea)

Brelamankomenaku (Pronunciation Guide: Des gi gu) (Joy To The Pigs Chorus)
How the pigs write it





'meka munerio, 'meka munerio

fase mase kas

O menekaln prep prep prep

Meka gaz kal'é-kalé(x2)


Blek-blek-buramenokapapapapapppaparemuré remuré pari-pari-pari pe

Kori-kor-i ké-ké-ké, kori-kor-i ké-ké-ké

Mapa-mapa-mupo! Mapa-mapa-mupo! Kori-kor-i koh-koh-koh, kori-kor-i koh-koh-koh


"Uh! Well, can't hear exacly the sound! It may take much time to hear the rest!"

                                                    Joy To The Pigs like a Christmas Tale

Once upon a Christmas, there was an evil king that was reigning Piggy Island. This king was not realizing the Christmas Spirit and did bad things like making piggies fall and not put a star in the top of their Christmas Tree or making a snowpig exploding (using a dynamite). One day, he stole a lolipop from a little kid. Meanwhile, another little piggy, Smooth Cheeks Jr. (get it?) was decorating his home and saw a skull cap in the top cabinet of a closet. It was Santa's! Realizing it, Smooth Cheeks Jr. open the second cabinet but... that was the Big Brother Bird! A huge, bad, feathery bird that... OK Just a huge bird that the pigs were afraid of! Smooth hid behind a curtain, scared by this red legend! But when he saw back to see if this was gone, he saw a present. In the meantime, at the Chorus, while pigs was singing Des gi gu (Brelamankomenaku), there come the Big Brother Bird! The pigs was scared but the Big... OK! The pigs was scared but Terence just gave 'em some gifts! In the King's castle, Chef Jambon had cook split peas. Something that the King calls "Bleugh". For play and make the docs think that he have finish, King Pig throwd his "bleugh" on his special serveur and laughed. Then, he "asked" for some sweets, as the serveurs did. Then, the Bird (you know who I mean) came and the evil king scared. Another piggy also scared but after it realized its job, he asked for his present. As the king saw what he did, he toke the sock and asked for his present. But Santa only gave gifts to the little piggies and left the king dissapointed. Then the King listened to the Orphan Little Piggies and realized what he had to do! He toke his food and gave it to the Orphans, doing a good deed. Then, he went to bed and cried! Then he saw Big Brother Bird! At the begin, he was scared but after hiding under his quilt he saw a present instead. So, Merry Christmas to everyone! (Sorry for bad grammar)

Episodes of Angry Birds Games

Angry Birds Episodes

1. Poached Eggs

2. Mighty Hoax

3. Danger Above

4. The Big Setup

5. Ham 'Em High

6. Mine and Dine

7. Birdday Party

8. Bad Piggies

9. Red's Mighty Feathers

10. Short Fuse

11. Flock Favorites

12. BirdDay 5

.Surf and Turf

.Golden Eggs

Seasons Episodes

Season 2010

1. Trick or Treat (Halloween)

1. Season's Greedings (Christmas)

Season 2011

1. Hogs and Kisses (Valentine Day)

1. Go Green, Get Lucky (St. Patrick's Day)

1. Easter Eggs (Easter)

1. Summer Pignic (Summer)

1. Mooncake Festival (Moon Festival)

1. Ham'o'ween (Halloween)

1. Wreck the Halls (Christmas)

Season 2012

1. Year of the Dragon (Chinese New Year)

1. Cherry Blossom (Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival)

1. Piglantis (Summer)

1. Back to School (Schools Open)

1. Haunted Hogs (Halloween)

1. Winter Wonderham (Christmas)

Season 2013

1. Abra-Ca-Bacon (Uh! Well, 1st Circus Anniversary? No! That must be in The Pig Days)

1. Arctic Eggspedition (Christmas)

Season 2014

1. South Hamerica (Summer)

1. Ham Dunk (NBA Season Starts)

1. On Finn Ice (Christmas)

Season 2015

1. Ham Dunk: All-Star (Ham Dunk sequel)

1. Tropigal Paradise (Summer)

1. Invasion of the Egg Snatchers (Halloween)

1. Ski or Squeal (Christmas)

Space Episodes

1. Pig Bang

2. Cold Cuts

3. Fry Me To The Moon

4. Utopia

5. Red Planet

6. Pig Dipper

7. Cosmic Crystals

8. Beak Impact

9. Brass Hogs

10. Solar System

D. Danger Zone

E. Eggsteroids

Rio Episodes


1. Smuggler's Den

2. Jungle Escape

3. Beach Volley

4. Carnival Upheaval

5. Airfield Chase

6. Smuggler's Plane

7. Market Mayhem

8. Golden Beachball

Rio 2

9. Rocket Rumble

10. High Dive

11. Blossom River

12. Timber Tumble

13. Hidden Harbor

14. Treasure Hunt 

Star Wars Episodes

1. Tatooine

2. Death Star

3. Hoth

4. Cloud City

5. Moon Of Endor

6. Death Star 2

Boba Fett Missions

J. Path of the Jedi

C,D. Bonus

Star Wars II Episodes

R. Reward Chapter

M. Master Your Destiny

1. Naboo Invansion

2. Escape To Tatooine

3. Battle Of Naboo

4. Rise Of The Clones

5. Revenge Of The Pork

E. Rebels

Bad Piggies Episodes

1. Ground Hog Day

2. Rise And Swine

3. When Pigs Fly

4. Flight In The Night

5. Tusk 'til Dawn

6. The Road To El Porkado


7. Field Of Dreams

8Road Hogs

.Oinks Not Dead

Stella Chapters

Flower. Branch Out

Pearl. Beach Day

Golden Island

POP! Places

To be added

2/Under Pigstruction Places

1. Cobalt Plateaus: Feathery Hills

2. Pig City: New Pork City

3. Bamboo Forest: Eggchanted Woods

4. Cobalt Plateaus : Chirp Valley

5. Pig City: Shangham

6. Bamboo Forest: Greasy Swamp

7. Cobalt Plateaus: Greenerville

8. Pig City: Steakholm

9. Bamboo Forest: Misty Mire

10. Pig City: Pigsyland

11. Bamboo Forest: Snotting Hill

12. Cobalt Plateaus: Fluttering Heights

13. Cobalt Plateaus: Mount Evernest

Fight! Islands

1. Tiny Island

2. Tropical Island

3. Zipangu

4. Sweets Island

5. Haunted Island

6. Flower Island

7. Western Island

8. Snow Island

9. Desert Island

10. Circus Island

Go! Episodes

1. Seedway

2. Rocky Road

3. Air

4. Stunt

5. Sub Zero

Wikia Guide

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Classic Editor

  • To switch from Source to Visual Classic Editor or opposite, go left of there it says "Edit summary".
Visual Classic

Things that will be or may be

Get care, buddy! At 2015 or 2016 there will be an Angry Birds Star Wars III and will be the 1st cooperation of Rovio with Disney and Star Wars Episode VII The Force awakens realeased in Christmas Eve

Theory about the Angry Bird Family

Well, well, well! Tokiti-tokiti-tokiti-to! Bam-bum! Like the title says, there will be a theory about the family of the Angry Birds! Let's Start!

Red is Red

Chuck is Red's adoptive brother

Bomb is Red and Chuck's adoptive brother

Matilda is Bomb's wife

The Blues are Bomb and Matilda's kids

Bubbles is The Blues' little brother

Hal is a family friend

Terence is also a family friend

Stella is Red's girlfriend, even their love is annoying by Chuck that is also in love with her

Well, that's all. I'll also add it in a blogBam-bum! Tokiti-tokiti-tokiti-to! Well, well, well!

Theory About Everyone's Full Name

The Birds

The Eggs

  • Eggbert Bird
  • Megg Bird
  • Charlie Bird

The Mighty Eagle

The Pigs

Stella Characters

Favorite Characters


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