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Dog-Dukey Stuff Over, Now Start Explanation

The section "In Summary" in the level articles of Angry Birds Epic is here. I put it there for 3 reasons:

1. This section is made for those who want a less time-consuming explanation of how to win.

2. Nobody wants a strategy that takes about half of the page.

3. This section is more relative to the formation of the enemies, and it's displayed for visual entertainment.

Hope that explains why I thought of that idea when I entered the Angry Birds Wiki.

The Not-So Cumbersome Strategy

Here's One Example: Lots of Common Pigs will appear, so this level might be very easy. Also note that Wealthy Rogues drop 50 Snoutlings, so take them out first. You must beware Rogues, as they deal more damage that the average Stick Pig.

The More You Plan Ahead, The Better

Here is a strategy-incentivized formation. R=Red Y=Chuck W=Matilda

R(Knight)             Ninja


Y(Wizard)                 Ninja


W(Princess)        Ninja

Those Ninjas use Dodge to take no more than a certain amount of damage per attack. They require multi-hit and poison Bird Classes. With the Bird Classes they have right now, they're not those type of fighters.

Now, it would be best to bring (but not limited to):

Samurai, Druid, and Rainbird

Pig Classes

Common Pigs: Appears in large numbers.​​​

Pirates: Immune to harmful effects.

Knights: Low damage deals only half the damage.

Undead: Revive 2-3 turns after being KO'd.

Wildlings: Recieve bonus damage while Rage Chili fills up.

Ninjas: Can't take more than a certain amount of damage per attack.

Special: A powerful and challenging foe.

Passive Abilities

Full Pockets: Drops a Snoutling after taking damage.

Ironclad (Knights): Damage less than N damage deals only half the damage.

Incompetent Minions: Damage increased by 25% for every KO'd ally.

Dodge (Ninjas): Can't take more than N damage per attack.

Dirty Tricks (Pirates): Immune to harmful effects.

Undead (Undead): Revives 2-3 turns after being KO'd.

Annoying: Increases attack power of allies by 20%.

Wildling (Wildling): Gains bonus attack power while the Rage Chili fills up.

Trigger, It's A Trap: If it takes damage it will explode, dealing N damage to all enemies.

Drain Life: Increases received healing by 100%.

Demonic: "No Bird Can Defeat Me!". No, seriously, you can't take him out with any bird!

Duel Of Honor: Potions are not allowed.

Call Drone: Calls a drone as support every 1-2 turns.

Red Hunter: Red takes 150% damage from attacks.

Yellow Hunter: Chuck takes 150% damage from attacks.

White Hunter: Matilda takes 150% damage from attacks.

Black Hunter: Bomb takes 150% damage from attacks.

Blue Hunter: The Blues take 150% damage from attacks.

The Repair Guy, Sweet Candy: All pigs/drones regenerate 10-15% of their maximum health per turn.

Revenge On Tape, Feisty Mood : If an ally is defeated, the Camera Pig or Pretzel Fan attacks a random enemy.

Time Is Snoutlings: All charging abilities charge faster by 1 turn.

Exaggerated Safeguard: After using any Rage Ability, the Security Pig deals M damage to a random enemy.

High Explosive: Deals M damage to all if Pyrobolist is defeated.

Pig Headed: Pig is stunned for 1 turn after attacking.

Inner Rage,Leviathan: Wizpig/Kraken Collosus takes 10-15% less damage for every ally/tentacle.

Color Rupture: Targets covered in paint recieve 200% damage.

Keep Playing: Being defeated leaves 1 Volleybomb.

Flash Of Anger: Referee increases its attack power by 100% at 20% health.

Multiply: Being defeated creates 2 Tiny Crabmeats.

Essence Of Strength: If Hefty or Wrath dies, everyone gets +20-25% attack power.

Animating Spirit: If Anger or Greed dies, everyone gets +20-25% maximum health.

Now You Know...

Get out there and play the levels with a strategy in mind. Good Luck!

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