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  • AquaChoco1997

    Hello everyone. On my previous blog, I talked about I'm working on all the pages to fix and organizing.

    At the same time, I'm also currently explore through the Angry Birds' social medias(on FB, Twitter, etc.) to save old pictures for archive and explore the websites using Wayback Machine if some links aren't working anymore. You can view on Websites page, it's still in progress.

    So far, I uploaded pictures from Angry Birds Epic (Twitter and Facebook), Angry Birds Stella (Twitter) and Japanese Angry Birds account (Twitter).

    Most of these accounts are inactive, they haven't post anything for years and I was afraid they will disappear. At the time I heard the rumor last year about Twitter will delete inactive accounts that haven't active for 6 months,…

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  • AquaChoco1997

    Yep, I'm not kidding. I still couldn't find the video anywhere, I saw some screenshots on Twitter and Reddit of the same false ad like this one.


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  • AquaChoco1997

    Hello everyone, as can you see here on my bookmark. I'm currently working on all the pages to fix and organizing.

    As I'm typing this, over 3,806+ pages on the Angry Birds Wiki is quite many. I'll do my best if could all of these.

    This is a list what I'll be doing so that I don't miss anything.

    • Updating the navboxes and other templates
    • Delete some pages don't need
    • Protecting pages for 'Move'(not 'Edit') to avoid anyone renaming the pages for vandalism.
      • In case of something, if you want to rename any pages for reason, please ask me or other staff.
    • Category pages
    • Removing some renamed pages that don't need and vandalized renames
      • And no, I won't delete the characters' nicknames/other names like Red's "Red Bird" and other birds' color names before …

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  • AquaChoco1997

    Lack of Active

    March 27, 2017 by AquaChoco1997

    I apologize I wasn't really online on here, I've been doing with my personal schedule and other stuff going-on. I'm still playing Epic and Fight, I'll be updating them but first I need to finish few things on my To-Do List.

    Speaking of AB Fight, I sent the email request to Rovio if they still continue with that game, they said they couldn't share update schedules or plans at the moment. Idk if Fight is completely finish or still on-going, since there's nothing new about new islands or Dr. Pig lab levels for 8-9 months. We'll see if there's any new information for AB Fight.

    So yeah, uh I'll be more active on AB Wiki next month (I have Spring Break next month, whoo~). :D

    ~ AquaChoco1997

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  • AquaChoco1997

    I was convert .tga files to .png files of these sprites.

    They're not really complete, this is the old sprites from older version before the PvP Arena update (v1.2.1) and fowards. I just found the .zip file of it yesterday, so I couldn't figure out how to rip the sprites of Epic's later versions (such as arena items, new classes for the birds, and more).

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