Hello everyone. On my previous blog, I talked about I'm working on all the pages to fix and organizing.

At the same time, I'm also currently explore through the Angry Birds' social medias(on FB, Twitter, etc.) to save old pictures for archive and explore the websites using Wayback Machine if some links aren't working anymore. You can view on Websites page, it's still in progress.

So far, I uploaded pictures from Angry Birds Epic (Twitter and Facebook), Angry Birds Stella (Twitter) and Japanese Angry Birds account (Twitter).

Most of these accounts are inactive, they haven't post anything for years and I was afraid they will disappear. At the time I heard the rumor last year about Twitter will delete inactive accounts that haven't active for 6 months, eventually it was false I think.

I have so much Angry Birds pictures from social medias and websites I saved on my computer. Once I finish collecting them, they will be post with better quality or haven't post on the wiki yet, and organize too.

That's all I have to say for now. Keeping busy!


~ AquaChoco1997

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