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  • Bp101697

    Good evening, everyone. This is my first blog post after I inactive for a long time. This blog contains fanon contents: Angry Birds Star Wars III.

    Note: This blog is continued from Thread:63060. Some information is edited, so look at this blog.

    This is the slingshot game as well as Angry Birds in the past. You play as the bird side (Rebellion) and the target is to eliminate all the pigs on the board (Galactic Empire / First Order) Unlike ABSWII, you cannot play as the pork side.

    Key: Star Wars Character = Bird with ability

    • Poe Dameron = Red Bird that can target one pig and fire laser beam to target. At the very first levels, this bird has no ability.
    • Finn (FN-2187) = Stormtrooper, then a playable pig. Fire 2 laser beams twice.
    • Rey = Pink bird wi…

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  • Bp101697

    Adding Wiki Feature

    July 1, 2016 by Bp101697

    Last month we have discussed to enable Article Comments and Message Wall, we have a conclusion we enable. That discussion is from everyone's vote; don't panic, all the talk pages are not disappeared; you can still go back to your talk page by searching User talk: !

    To B-crats: Do not abuse power by demoting and blocking me. This is serious and if wikia finds out, it can cause a result horrible.

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  • Bp101697

    Since the embled-style of daily challenge has been discontinued, we will restore the original style challenge back. See these pages.

    Daily Challenge Suggestion/Sandbox This is the page for suggestion.

    Challenge/Sandbox This is the challenge template.

    Note that all of them are only sandbox because we don't activate now. We need your feedback about bringing challenge back.

    Anyone can vote this, so please respect others' vote. Votes without reasons will not count.

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  • Bp101697

    My Activation

    June 7, 2016 by Bp101697

    I decided I am back to Angry Birds Wiki as an admin after leaving since November, 2014 since there are only one admin, AquaAngryBirdsFan and wiki is almost die. I come here to revive the wiki again.

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  • Bp101697

    Taking a Leave

    November 29, 2014 by Bp101697

    I'm sorry I haven't actived for a long time. But as the Qaz's blog. I will inactive, too.

    I leave this wiki because I am very busy like Qaz and can't contribute to. Another reason is I have found another better wiki to contribute with.

    I regret that some my projects such as level walkthroughs aren't yet finished. I hope some users help continue my project.

    Lastly I want all admins and all users rethink about all projects I have suggested. I was very angry that someone made my project failed so that I would inactived for several days. But today I confirm that I will permanently inactive from this wiki.

    To another remaining admins, Boomerang and Hearts, thank you for you that had given me the advice for contributing wiki. Although my post is sho…

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