Lesson 1

Hello, I'm Bp101697. I'm the article improver of this wiki. I'll write the blog posts about level walkthroughs of this wiki. Lesson 1 is the guide to view the level walkthroughs.

1. Level Tabs. You can view the normal walkthrough, Mighty walkthrough, and view past versions. The picture in the right is level walkthrough for Pig Bang 1-19. The links Space Eagle and Versions are red. You can contribute the Space Eagle walkthrough like the example in some blue link. About version, if the level has never redesigned, redirect the page to the main page.

2. Difficulty. It appears in some walkthrough (Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars Walkthrough only.) It expand why this level is hard, such as getting three stars is very hard.

3. Strategy. This is the way to get three stars. Some levels have more than one good strategy. Enjoy.

4. Infobox. The infobox shows the general info about this level. In the picture above, Pig Bang 1-19 is in the Pig Bang Episode. This is the nineteenth levels overall. This level has three birds: First bird is Firebomb bird, leftover birds are Lightning birds. This level has three small pigs, two medium pigs, and one large pig. You have to achieve 82,000 points to get three stars. About difficulty, you can help me determine at the talk page to develop determination.

5. Video Walkthroughs. In Angry Birds Seasons, Rio, and Space, you can view the video at this page. In Angry Birds and Angry Birds Star Wars, you can see the video walkthrough at the Video Walkthrough subpage (Walkthrough tab).

6.Navbox. You can jump to the other walkthroughs in the same game with this (It's now finished only in Angry Birds Space Walkthroughs.)


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