This is the second lesson about Angry Birds Wiki: Level Walkthroughs. The first lesson tells about section of Level Walkthrough pages. If you want to help us the walkthroughs. Please read this blog.

This project was being started from discussion about the Level Walkthroughs in Angry Birds Wiki:Committee Sub-Group Ideas. Admins supported this idea. Then, the level walkthroughs for the first episode was started. They did the level walkthroughs, but the project was failed. That time, I interested in Angry Birds Games but I hadn't registered yet. So I wait for several months, it wasn't better, so I registered the Wikia account in name Bp101697. I edited the Cold Cuts 2-23 (Angry Birds Space) for my first edit. Two months after registration, I renovated the Theme Infobox parameter from the text to the pictures because the different birds in different position makes the level easier and harder, so the order is better. Example: Red Bird x1 Blue Bird x1 Yellow Bird x1. You can order the birds like this:

Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird
Red Bird,Yellow Bird , Blue Bird
Blue Bird ,Red Bird, Yellow Bird
Blue Bird, Yellow Bird ,Red Bird
Yellow Bird, Red Bird, Blue Bird
Yellow Bird, Blue Bird, Red Bird

Using pictures also looks better than text. (you can oppose my opinion at the comments)

In March, 2014. I asked admin to unlock the Theme Infobox, and I renovated several times to get this form. 

Ummm... I tell the Walkthrough story for a long time. You can take the open episode and finish the walkthroughs with the same pattern with the other pages like in the previous lesson.

To take the Level Walkthroughs Job:

1. Go to Angry Birds Wiki:Level Walkthroughs

2. Click Edit.

3. Choose the open episodes or continue the unfinished episodes.

4. Type: Taken By [[User:---Your Username---]].

5. If you continue the unfinished episode, type: Continued by [[User:---Your Username---]].

6. You should finish all walkthrough pages.


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