Good evening, everyone. This is my first blog post after I inactive for a long time. This blog contains fanon contents: Angry Birds Star Wars III.

Note: This blog is continued from Thread:63060. Some information is edited, so look at this blog.


This is the slingshot game as well as Angry Birds in the past. You play as the bird side (Rebellion) and the target is to eliminate all the pigs on the board (Galactic Empire / First Order) Unlike ABSWII, you cannot play as the pork side.


Bird Side

Key: Star Wars Character = Bird with ability

  • Poe Dameron = Red Bird that can target one pig and fire laser beam to target. At the very first levels, this bird has no ability.
  • Finn (FN-2187) = Stormtrooper, then a playable pig. Fire 2 laser beams twice.
  • Rey = Pink bird with no ability. Using blue lightsaber since episode 2.
  • BB-8 = Droid that is magnetic that can pull the iron bars and blocks.
  • Maz Kanata = A new bird that can spin and wave lightsaber.
  • C-3PO = Same as the preceded games. Appears in any levels.
  • Han Solo = Old yellow bird that can shoot three blue laser beams.
  • Chewbacca = Same as the preceded games.
  • R2-D2 = Same as the preceded games. Appear in episodes 4, 5, and Rey's Jedi Training episode only.
  • General Leia = Old pink bird whose use tractor beam as well as preceded games.
  • Luke Skywalker = Old red bird that dresses like old Obi-Wan. Using green lightsaber thrice.
  • Rose = Dahlia bird that have the same ability as Silver.
  • DJ = New bird that always target keys in DJ Missions. (Warning: He cannot teleport like Dahlia.)
  • Rebel Pilot = Larger version of blue birds. They wear red helmet instead of blue. Ability is splitting into 3 but they can cut through wood as well as glass.

Notes: There is a booster: Extra character. You can choose character for a help without exchanging your current bird. You can use the birds in the earlier timeline. (Obi-Wan, Yoda, etc. but hologram form) The bird available is based on movie, so deceased characters can never appear again. (e.g. Han Solo bird never appears after level 3-25. Since level 3-26 you can use Han Solo bird in hologram form with identical ability to the alive form, but they are not replaceable each other.)

Pork Side (As First Order)

  • Kylo Ren = Yellow bird with mask. Playable at level 4-40 only. Ability is identical to Darth Vader in level 6-30 of the first game.
  • Stormtroopers and TIE Fighters are identical to the first game.
  • Flametroopers = Shoots flame to the birds to disable them.
  • Snowtroopers = Idential to the first game.
  • General Hux = Common enemy. Similar to Wilhuff Tarkin.
  • Snoke = Boss at level 4-40. In cutscenes of episodes 1-3, only hologram form is shown, for episode 4, the true body appears. Ability is to use telekinesis to birds and objects. Birds that is affected by telekinesis cannot use their ability.


First three episodes are from Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. Episodes 4 and 5 are from Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi.


  • Opening cutscene is Assault on Tuanul. First three levels Poe Dameron bird is playable.
  • Cutscene after 1-3, Poe has been captured by Ren. (Stormtrooper pig as FN-2187 is introduced in level 1-4.)
  • Cutscene after 1-6, shows about girl in Jakku named Rey. Rey bird is introduced in level 1-7.
  • Cutscene after 1-9, Poe meets FN-2187 and names as Finn. (Green pig as a bird is introduced in level 1-10 and Poe bird has been upgraded.)
  • Cutscene after 1-12, both meets Rey. Rey has been introduced in level 1-13.
  • Cutscene after 1-25, Reunited with the Falcon. Mighty Falcon unlocked. Han Solo bird makes his debut at level 1-26 and Chewie bird at level 1-27. The last 15 levels takes place at space.
  • Ending cutscene after level 1-40 is Ren meeting Snoke hologram.


  • This episode has 30 levels unlike the others.
  • Opening cutscene is Falcon arrives Takodana planet and Rebel Pilots assisting you. Rebel pilots is introduced ATM level 2-1. All level take place on Takodana Planet.
  • After level 2-7, The team meets Maz Kanata. Since levels 2-8, Maz is playable.
  • After level 2-10, Upgrade for Rey bird at level 2-11 is being able to use blue lightsaber.
  • Cutscene after level 2-15 is the Destruction of the Hosnian system. (Weapon from Starkiller Base)
  • Last 15 levels is Battle of Takodana.
  • Last level is the boss of Kylo Ren.
  • Ending cutscene is Reunited at the Resistance Base and Rey's Capture. (She is abducted by Ren.)

Starkiller Base

  • All levels are in the battle of Starkiller Base.
  • Opening cutscene takes place in Resistances Base on D'Qar.
  • Leia bird is playable since level 3-1.
  • First 15 levels are outside the base. (The base is buried in the icy planet, so this scene is similar to first 17 levels of Hoth.) The rest take place inside the base.
  • Cutscene of level 3-25 is Han Solo was struck by Ren and fell to his death. Han Solo bird is no longer available after this level.
  • Boss levels with Kylo Ren are level 3-25 and 3-40.
  • Ending Cutscene is the attack of the base, the full map of the universe, and the scene of Rey and Luke on Ahch-To.


  • This episode is about Star Destroyed named Supermacy, containing 40 levels.
  • Opening cutscene is First order destroying base in D'Qar. Leia and resistance escape to space. Battle in space starts.
  • First 25 levels takes place on space. Level 20 is the star destroyer level. The other takes place in Supremacy.
  • Cutscene after 4-20 is Resistance Bomber bombing the Star Destroyer, Resistance escapes but First Order quickly catches up. Rose bird is playable since level 4-21.
  • Cutscene after 4-25 is Ren does not attack his mother, but one of his TIE Fighters destroyes bridge of Resistance's ship. Holdo temporaily commands Resistance instead of Leia. (Holdo is unplayable.) And Rey leaves Ahch-To to meet Ren at Supremacy.
  • Boss level at level 4-40. This battle is similar to level 6-30 in the first game. Hurt Snoke to use Ren to finish Snoke.
  • The ending cutscene is Ren and Rey fight together with red guards. After that, they duels with power and destroy Anakin's lightsaber. Supremacy is caught on fire.


  • Opening cutscene is Resistance escaping to Crait. First 10 levels takes place in space.
  • After level 10, leftover reaches abandoned mine and First Order follow. After this, all levels take place on this planet.
  • Levels 5-11-5-35 is the Battle of Crait scene.
  • Cutscene after 5-35, Force-Projection Luke appears. Now Kylo Ren bird (as enemy) and Luke (playable bird) appear in all levels from 5-36 to 5-40.
  • Level 5-40 is a boss level with Ren.
  • Ending cutscene is Ren cannot do anything with Projection of Luke, and then Luke vanishes completely.

DJ Missions

  • Find all five Rose and Finn's spaceship parts in levels 4-1 to 4-20 to unlock this special episode.
  • Starting cutscene: DJ offers both for help them disable the tracking device.
  • Ending Cutscene: DJ betrays both and tell resistance's plan to First Order.
  • All levels contain DJ bird since the keys are required to unlock the pigs' fortress.

Rey's Jedi Training

This is a special episode. You need to finish Starkiller Base episode to unlock this. Once you start the first level, you have three days to complete 30 levels. If you cannot complete all the levels in three days, the progress resets and locked for seven days before you can play it again. If you can complete this episode, Rey Bird will have another property, use force to push objects (like Padme's ability) but you can still use lightsaber to destroy objects.

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