I found this template: Infobox character 2 so I modified it like in the right.

It's simillar to the old infobox, but I make it more neatly by adding borders. 

On the right you can see an example of what the new infobox will look like for Pink Bird. The syntax for this template is as follows:

{{Template:Infobox character 2
|background = pink
|bgcolor = hotpink
|txtcolor = black
|Box title = Stella
|image =[[file:stella_front_copy.png|150px]]
|powers = Trapping objects in Bubbles
|firstlevel = Theme Cake 3-1
|gender = Female
|species = Galah
|locations = Many Since [[Birdday Party]]
|strength = Weak-Very weak
|size = Medium-Small}}

Do you like this all new character template? Please comment below.

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