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  • Bp101697

    There are no theme infobox in some pages. Theme infobox is very important for all level walkthrough pages. This is the theme infobox. Theme infobox is a template that gives you the information about the level. It should be in every levels.

    Theme infobox has many parameters. You can use this template with this syntax:

    Angry Birds Wiki: Level Walkthroughs Part 1: Guide for Walkthrough Pages 
    Angry Birds Wiki: Level Walkthroughs Part 2: Level Walkthroughs Contribution
    Angry Birds Wiki: Level Walkthroughs Part 3: How to insert the picture in the Theme Infobox template?
    Angry Birds Wiki: Level Walkthroughs Part 4: How to use the Theme Infobox template?
    Angry Birds Wiki: Level Walkthroughs Part 5: About Difficulty

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  • Bp101697

    Some pages have no infobox because it's quite complex to fill. Some pages have an infobox but no images. You can insert images in the template. You have to upload the photos before use this template because when you type the parameter, you cannot upload images directly like the normal image inserting.

    Image should be:

    1. large (at least 480x320). It's excellent if you capture images from iPad and the game is HD. (2048x1536)

    2. Show full fortress. You should not capture the partial side of the pigs' fortress.

    3. Neatly. You must capture screen before you launch the first bird. Do not capture screen when the bird reaches the fortress.

    After you upload the photos, type like the lesson 1 (not necessary to write difficulty.) and insert the theme inf…

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  • Bp101697

    This is the second lesson about Angry Birds Wiki: Level Walkthroughs. The first lesson tells about section of Level Walkthrough pages. If you want to help us the walkthroughs. Please read this blog.

    This project was being started from discussion about the Level Walkthroughs in Angry Birds Wiki:Committee Sub-Group Ideas. Admins supported this idea. Then, the level walkthroughs for the first episode was started. They did the level walkthroughs, but the project was failed. That time, I interested in Angry Birds Games but I hadn't registered yet. So I wait for several months, it wasn't better, so I registered the Wikia account in name Bp101697. I edited the Cold Cuts 2-23 (Angry Birds Space) for my first edit. Two months after registration, I r…

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  • Bp101697

    Hello, I'm Bp101697. I'm the article improver of this wiki. I'll write the blog posts about level walkthroughs of this wiki. Lesson 1 is the guide to view the level walkthroughs.

    1. Level Tabs. You can view the normal walkthrough, Mighty walkthrough, and view past versions. The picture in the right is level walkthrough for Pig Bang 1-19. The links Space Eagle and Versions are red. You can contribute the Space Eagle walkthrough like the example in some blue link. About version, if the level has never redesigned, redirect the page to the main page.

    2. Difficulty. It appears in some walkthrough (Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars Walkthrough only.) It expand why this level is hard, such as getting three stars is very hard.

    3. Strategy. …

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  • Bp101697

    Infobox Character 2

    May 5, 2014 by Bp101697

    I found this template: Infobox character 2 so I modified it like in the right.

    It's simillar to the old infobox, but I make it more neatly by adding borders. 

    On the right you can see an example of what the new infobox will look like for Pink Bird. The syntax for this template is as follows:

    Do you like this all new character template? Please comment below.

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