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    The Blues (film)

    March 28, 2018 by EricSmith3688

    This article is about for the movie. For the character, see The Blues.

    The Blues is an upcoming Angry Birds Toons movie by Rovio Animations and Universal Studios. It will premiere in theaters 2018. 

    Please note that information will be revealed at the time of appearance.

    • This will be the first Angry Birds Toons movie to be released.
    • It was also confirmed that there will be pigs and Jay, Jake and Jim.
    • Of course it is fake. The reason why wesley made this 2 trailers it was possibly made with Wondershare Filmora with Bandicam.
    • The 2 trailers we're posted on YouTube on the following days. However, the gift from The Blues was posted on Instagram.
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