RED: Red is the first bird in most Angry Birds Games and in the Movie of Angry Birds. He is a red bird. His special is the battle cry. Tap anywhere and he will release a battle cry and buildings can topple over. He is the main character of the Angry Birds Series.

CHUCK: Chuck is one of Red's best friends. His special is (You Probably know) Speed. He is good with wood. Tap anywhere to activate a speed boost. The speed boost will send him flying straight in any direction. You better go fast or he'll win the race!

BOMB: Bomb is the other best friend of Red. His special is blowing up things. He will blow up either way by waiting for the ground's touch or activate the special by tapping anywhere in Mid-Air! He's pretty helpful

THE BLUES: The triplets are weak, but, they are VERY STRONG with ICE! They may not be much help, unless if you have ice. They can be helpful in some ways. The special is making 3 appear by tapping your screen. Very helpful.

SILVER: Who is this? Silver is a new bird. Her special is activated by tapping your screen. The special is the looping legend! She rocks with rocks.

MATILDA: Matilda will lay an egg bomb for her special by tapping the screen. The egg bomb will explode after hitting something. She will go flying being spun around after she lays her egg bomb.

'TERENCE': What's his name? Terence. Terence's special isn't activated by tapping. It will automaticly be activated by hitting somethingHis special is smashing everything easily in his path.


HAL: Unlock Hal by collecting 60,000 of his feathers or wait 6 days. Like everybody else, his special is activated by a tap. He will swing back to the left like a giant boomerang.

STELLA: Origionally the first extra bird unlocked. Unlock her by collecting the 60,000 pink feathers, or wait 6 days. He special activated by a tap are (You also probably know this) bubbles. Not Bubbles, the bird, real bubbles.

BUBBLES: Unlock this little fella by getting all 60,000 of his feathers, or wait the 6 days. His special is blowing up into a huge bird to smash things. Activated by a tap.

BABY BIRDS: The baby bird is helpful with your flock. Feed him or her every day or you will loose your boost bird and start over with a new bird restarting at level 1. The baby will change different color as it's level rises. It will also require more meals of apples as the level rises. The egg will have to hatch in 24 hours (1 day) and start at a White Vanilla colored bird.

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