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    Bye, Angry Birds.

    February 16, 2017 by Phantom of Ra

    OK, this is supposed to be made a very long time ago but as I'm too busy with homework and the PvZ Wiki so I can't make this, and I also don't have much experience of making a serious blog anyway.

    Sorry guys but I have to leave the wiki, not because The Boomerang demoted me but it's because I'm so disappointed about Angry Birds. Its toons, the movie and ABEpic are the only things that are meaningful to me right now. Also, as I also got promoted as an admin in the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki, I have to manage things there.

    Anyway, you should know the truth, which is, I was UNDERAGED. I was like 8 when I first joined the wiki! Welp, that explains how my edits are so childlish back then. Yeah, right, I was blocked in the PvZ Wiki for 24 days because o…

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  • Phantom of Ra
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  • Phantom of Ra

    Help our wiki!

    September 17, 2014 by Phantom of Ra

    After many changes and edits, our wiki now have more than 2300 pages! This number is very great but we can still make it greater with the new level pages and Angry Birds Stella pages. By the way, I'm very sorry about the cancel of the Daily Challenges.
    Now, the two only games I've got are Angry Birds Epic and Angry Birds Stella - the newest game right now and I've completed all those. Now I'm copying the level and game's informations into the new pages to create it. I don't have enough time and there are about 250 users on this wiki, so I hope you can help us a hand because when the day called November 1st is coming, you will be confused of the new series of Toons and at December, Angry Birds Transformers will be released. Plus, there will…

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